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 Noah Julian Beckley

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PostSubject: Noah Julian Beckley   Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:22 pm


Full Name: Noah Julian Beckley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: March 31

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: Noah comes from a family of doctors. He followed in their footsteps and is a prodigy. He's amazing at just about everything he does. Kinda Mary Sueish, but I need him to be that way. xD


+ They don’t always try to figure you out [maybe they think that the results wouldn’t be worth the effort?] As for when they do give it a shot – well, the trend has been that little progress gets made. They’ve got their ideas about you, but because of your nature, they just can’t be sure.
+ Some of them think that you’re walking on a fine line. They’re not intent on saving you [chances are not everyone thinks you’re worth saving, anyway].
+ They find you to be useful and helpful. However, you’re better described as being inadvertently useful and accidentally helpful – you were just doing what you normally do.
+ + There’s an arrogant air about you.
+you moved out to college, talking about your high school experiences was the last thing on your agenda.
+ Juggle a lot of friendships and connections to people all at once.
+ Desired by many, but offer this up with your own distinctive twist. Conversely, after a time, you are replaceable.
+or around you.
+ Often swept away by other peoples’ escapades.
of people who are especially hard-working.
+ Not the type to settle down easily.
+ While you can make a wonderful playmate, you often hurt others. Your “skin” is thicker than theirs, so they an opinion to voice, happiness to express, or something funny to say. Otherwise you prefer to listen, especially if they’re talking about you.
+you habitually take steps to prevent that from happening.
+ Have the capacity [the potential] to hunt things down and strive towards a goal and make a difference, but rarely do so. There are two major reasons for this. One, you are customarily preoccupied with enjoying yourself. Two, you are teeth-grindingly lazy.
+ A bum, a slacker – however you want to phrase it, at best you’re an endearing mooch and at worst you are irritatingly parasitical.
+ Will work for several reasons. One, something was in it for you [you saw gain - something shiny - and you wanted it, so you went for it]. Two, someone provided you with that “shiny something” and it became an incentive. Three, your curiosity was overwhelming and you just had to satisfy it. You’ll also do what is necessary to preserve your comfy style of life.
+ Easily distracted, with a short attention span.
+ Will do what you want, when you want. Time and society and institutions will not move you.
+ Being around things that inspire you is important to you.
+ Have an eye for positive opportunities.
+ Your intense curiosity often sees you hurtling off into unchartered territories. The consequences of this are . You learn best when the subject matter is presented and repeated to you.
+ Somewhat narrow-minded, affected by tunnel vision. They accuse you of functioning as if you’re wearing a pair of blinkers [you ignore everything and everyone in your surroundings when you’ve got one specific objective to focus on].
+ Not afraid to or bothered by getting dirty, if what you’re doing will make things work.
+ Often found casting about on a bubble-headed mission.
+ Need regular input and encouragement so that you don’t come to a complete standstill.
+ Don’t mind being thrown into something without a plan because you’ve thrown yourself into stuff without thinking many times before [and as such know what to expect].
+ Creative. An artful and imaginative problem-solver.
+ When something is out of place, you have a strong urge to correct it.
+ Simple-minded, but detail is shiny and pretty and ooh. You get lost in the details easily [and ignore the bigger picture].
+ Cannot [are not equipped for] digest complex concepts and complicated information. You just don’t have it in you. Consequently, you dislike it when people try to force those things upon you.

Emotional [thoughts, feelings, and reactions]

+ Your brain is usually tuned into the happy channel.
+ Operate at extremes – you can be hyperactive and lethargic in the same afternoon. It’s as though there are two people living in your brain.
+ In a significant other you look for good humor and patience [you get pretty attached to your partners and form a strong bonds with them]. What you need is not so much a partner as a partner-in-crime that doubles as a keeper.
+ Love being spoiled [you like to be brought things and you relish attention; you don’t give much but expect a lot to be given to you], but dislike being coddled.
+ Like to remain close to a source of comfort.
+ Your thought currents are flowing, though somewhat frenzied. Your thoughts, like your life, move quickly.
+ gestures, rather than words. When you try to express yourself in words you can get a bit clumsy. As a result, you’re actually rather jealous of people who have a way with words.
+ Often caught up in the moment. At these times you flail around and make loud noises and generally act without rationality and purpose.
+ Because you dislike feeling confined and crowded, you need space, room to express yourself in, and room to breathe. This can make you seem grumpy.
+ If someone is to be your friend [to be able to deal with you], they must have lots of patience and a good sense of humor. If the people around you don’t share your sense of humor, you’ll go off and do your own thing. You’re capable of entertaining yourself.
+ Like a lot of people, you find comfort in and draw comfort from the familiar.
+ Get over loss quickly but hold grudges [if you want to hurt someone, you won’t stop until you do].
+ In terms of how you would seek revenge, you’d aim deep, aim for the inside, drag up personal secrets and dirt and try to open old wounds.
+ If they don’t know you well, people often interpret your happy moods as something else [something negative].
+ In an ideal world, you’d like for others to forgive you, but you’re such a bubble-head that you usually forget that you’ve done something that needs to be forgiven.
+ You’re sensitive but you still hurt people. You’re stupid like that.
+ Self-assured, not usually prone to doubt. There isn’t room in your head for doubt. You’re not insecure.
+ Confident about your physical appearance, ability to handle yourself, and relationships.
mind], you bounce off the walls, as you find it hard to contain yourself and how you’re feeling. It’s easy for others to tell when you’re happy.
+ Normally nonchalant. Your attitude is casual, as opposed to uptight and formal.
+ Generally speaking, you express the positive and don’t mention the negative. Talking with others might help you, but most of the time you can’t be assed.
+ Able to dispose of or move away from the negative in order to move on with life.
+ An attention-seeker. You can’t stand being ignored [and will actively try to steer conversations back around to the subject of You. That’s your favorite subject, incidentally]. You need to feel acknowledged and will take steps to ensure that you are.
+ When you’re ashamed, you try to melt away into the shadows [you wish that the ground would just swallow you up]. When you’re upset, you seek to press against a solid source of support.
+ You’re prone to temper tantrums. An unhealthy ferret is snappish and quick to anger.

Personal [all other traits]

+ Find being secretive rather enjoyable. The fact that your personality puzzles people entertains you.
+ See nothing wrong with hiding things and withholding information from people.
+ Over time, you’ve learned to just swallow your fears and anxieties and just have some fun.
+ In possession of some warped ideals and quixotic

tendencies; it’s not that you don’t have a good grip of reality, of what’s going on around you; you’re aware of your reality, but choose not to dwell in it.
+ The rougher edges to your personality and your sharper thoughts are usually tucked away in a corner of
+ Dislike being tied down to a person when there’s a lot going on.
+ Very comfortable in yourself. Indeed, you’ve even got yourself a bit of an attitude, there.
+ Likely to take after your role models. When you emulate people, it’s a form of flattery.
+ However, this trait of yours means that you’re likely to pick up their bad habits, too.
+ Plainly put, you often get yourself into trouble when you wander away from your “keeper” [when you don’t follow their advice].
+ Dislike shock [it can hit you when you’re exposed and it leaves you feeling vulnerable], but enjoy little surprises [you’re playful opposed to serious, and the game of surprising people and being surprised is all part of your fun].
+ Thanks to your “frenzied” mindset and “mad” behaviors, you might not seem it, but you’re fussy and particular. You like it when things are in sets.
+ Often found tagging along for the journey, usually with no proper reason.
+ One of your main passions in life is lolling around your den and your regular haunts.
+ You like to mark what’s yours [you like to have made a mark on people and places that were important to you. When you’re gone, your presence lingers].
+ An addictive personality.
+ Usually end up saying way more than you needed to in your quest to get your point across.
+ All in all, you’re a rather delightful little character. You’re the kind of person that skips along walls and runs down the street, just for the hell of it.
+ Socially speaking, you are independent. On practical terms, you’re dependent on others.
+ Largely a hardy, resilient little thing, so the problems you experience are usually quite serious. It takes a lot to bring you down.
+ Your nosey nature [mind your own business for once] and interfering ways routinely get you into trouble. You’re always getting up to or into things which are nothing to do with you. This annoys people – they feel that do not know your place.
+ As you enjoy variety, you actively seek it out.
+ When you’re not actively engaging someone or ferreting after something, you’re pretty quiet.
+ A person of eclectic tastes and a patchwork background.
+ Able to laugh at yourself.
+ Quite literally, you are a thief. If you want something, you’ll take it.
+ You manipulate people like you move objects around [to get what you want].
+ Hypocrisy? What hypocrisy? What is this hypocrisy of which you speak?
+ Materialistic. You’re possessive of your things and get distressed if someone messes with your favorite stuff. Someone moving things around in your room or personal space is not okay.
+ Ever-playful and enduringly silly, you love fun and games.
+ Such a fun-seeker that it can damage your health [you engage in your bad habits so much that you can make yourself sick as a result].
+ One of those people who need to be taught what is acceptable.
+ A hoarder, packrat, collector. You don’t like letting go of objects and keep a hold of silly things.
+ Will question everything external to your own beliefs [you’re strong in your own beliefs and convictions]. You ask “But why?” on repeat, like a silly child.
+ If your environment is messy it has to be your mess.
+ Don’t know what a moral compass is, and will challenge authority “for the lawls”.
+ Rarely ordered around.
+ Your perfect day? Sleeping long into the afternoon. Your perfect vacation? That would involve a week where you could just sleep and eat.
+ A picky eater, you don’t like to try new food.
+ Won’t go to any particular lengths to protect yourself from danger.
+ There are skeletons in your closet.
+ A risk-taker.
+ An unhealthy ferret is subject to paranoia. An unhealthy ferret is a worrier, too. When you’re worrying like that, it stresses you out and occupies most of the space on your head, flickering over and over on repeat.
+ Once you know what the rules of the establishment are, you flourish.
+ Your tendency to muddy the waters has given some people cause to doubt you and your intentions in the past.
+ You’re visually distinctive, but not physically commanding. It’s when you start causing a ruckus that you grab attention.
+ Light-hearted and lively.
+ Not shy. Unhealthy ferrets, however, are. They avoid social interaction out of fear.
+ Even at your age, you are child-like in many ways. At times this can be endearing, a welcome burst of freshness. At others, it manifests as an irritating immaturity and even as naivety.
+ Quite literally spend most of your alone time asleep. Being up and about exhausts you, mentally.
+ When you’re not in your lazy phase, your life is incredibly fast paced.
+ Always pushing it and testing the boundaries.
+ Your main priority in life is to enjoy yourself.
+ Don’t mind sharing your living space with others if they’re “fun!” and “like to play games omgz.”
+ Can never seem to bring yourself to leave well and good alone.
+ Probably quite clumsy. You’re the kind of person that bumps into things and falls over and trips up a lot. The people you know often point this out to you.
+ Even when you seem outwardly relaxed, you’re aware of what’s going on around you [...except when you’re sleeping. Then you’re truly out for the count].
+ You’re able to be optimistic because you know someone will pick up the pieces for you if you fail or if everything falls through.
+ Demand instant gratification [you’re satisfied when things come to you quickly].
+ Feel that your style is only appreciated by some.
+ Need a sink for all your energy [oh, your poor friends].
+ You wouldn’t say you had a sense of fashion. You like to dress somewhat colourfully [but not flashy] and perhaps in an androgynous manner.
+ Scatterbrained, prone to misplacing things and forgetting what you were doing.
+ Proud of your good qualities, you’d brag about them. Not modest, you can be a bit of a show-off.
+ Need a bit of time to get accustomed to new things. You’re built in such away that allows you to process only one thing at a time.
+ Set in terms of your likes and dislikes.
+ Have very basic needs – it doesn’t take a lot to make you happy.
+ The things you think of as “treats” are probably not good for you.
+ Defensive.
+ The negative effects of your behaviors are minimized when someone who knows you well is there to take care of or look out for you.
+ Place much importance on your personal hygiene. You spend much time “grooming” yourself, your appearance is important to you.
+ Relish having somewhere safe and cosy to crash at the end of a long day, somewhere that is a consistent environment.
+ There are things that you need to do [obligations which you are required to fulfil?] in order to remain content. To stay happy, you need interaction, companionship, stimulation, and affection [including physical affection].
+ Enjoy being out and about [you’re the type to excitedly and loudly declare, “field trip! Field trip!” and punch the air when you and your friends are just going to the store].
+ Manipulative in that you’ll play on people’s sympathies if it means that you’ll get attention [probably over dramatic, too].
+ Mostly self-serving, you don’t really enjoy helping others, mainly because they reduce your playtime. When you do help, you do so grudgingly.
+ When passionate about something you’re obsessed until you burn out, which doesn’t take long.


Full Name: Mia

Settled Or Not: Settled (Blackfooted Ferret)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue
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Noah Julian Beckley
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