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 Mr. Quinn Flint

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PostSubject: Mr. Quinn Flint   Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:30 pm


Full Name: Quinn Flint

Gender: Male

Birth Date: October 21, 1984

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blond hair, with tiny little gray ones here and there

Height: 6'1"

About His/Her Family: When Quinn was very young, he lost most of his family due to fights between his Eilemaiden and others. His aunt raised him until she died of a terrible illness when he was sixteen. Ever since then he’s been alone. BUT HIS NEW FAMILY IS MORE IMPORTANT: One beautiful wife named Lumi, two beautiful daughters, Julie (17) and Christine (14), and four handsome sons, Keegan (16), Quinn (16), Cedric (6) and Dorian (6)


- When it comes to group settings, Quinn is usually the one doing the talking. He has no trouble at all with getting along with others.
- Quinn is extroverted, and rarely stops talking. It’s hard to keep him from talking sometimes, but when it’s needed, he’s known to keep his yap shut.
- Very outgoing. Quinn is really friendly despite his lack of family. Quinn is very out there, and talkative, and he really enjoys meeting new people.
- Quinn is a very smart man, so it doesn’t take much for him to solve a problem. If the problem seems a bit big, he will take time to think about it, until he can come up with the best solution.
- Quinn is definitely a leader. He is very outgoing, so it doesn’t take him long to come out and say, “We’re doing this, follow me!”
- Although, once you get to know him, Quinn is a very kind and polite person, but he is very fastidious. Everything for him needs to be just right, or he’ll never be satisfied.
- Quinn is very passionate about life in general. He believes that everyone, and everything has a purpose in the world, and nobody disserves to have their life shortened or destroyed.
- Quinn is very different, so most people are drawn to him. Quinn, loves this, and soaks the attention up like a sponge.
- Quinn works best in the morning and evening. He gets up early everyday, and goes to sleep late every night, but always wakes up well rested.
- People see Quinn as the popular, yet strange type. His humor vibes tend to attract people.
- Quinn is optimistic about any bad situation you could throw at him. He will, and always will see a good side to anything.
- Quinn has a huge group of close friends.
- Quinn gets very bored when he is alone, and with friends, he’s very fun to be around and with strangers Quinn is talking up a storm, trying to make new friends.
- Quinn is not hierarchical at all, he believes everyone is equal.
- Quinn is passive aggressive, but has a short temper so it’s easy for him to become aggressive if pushed to his limits.
- Quinn is very talkative, but on very rare occasions, he’s quiet.
- Territorial, when Quinn feels that his territory is being invaded by someone or something unwanted, he will be upset and grumpy.
- He is very stubborn, when Quinn wants something, he will push and push until that something is his.
- Quinn is very independent seeing as that he grew up half of his life without family.


Full Name: Rhiannon (Ree-Ann-Nun)

Settled Or Not: Settled

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Light Blue
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Mr. Quinn Flint
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