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 Lumi Flint

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PostSubject: Lumi Flint   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:25 pm


Full Name: Lumi Flint

Gender: Female

Birth Date: November 11th, 1987

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark brown

Height: 5'7

About His/Her Family: She has a ridiculously large family. Her husband Quinn (who she met under really bizarre circumstances) and their SIX kids: Seventeen year old daughter Julie; Sixteen year old twins Keegan and Quinn II; Fourteen year old daughter Christine; and six year old twins Cedric and Dorian. (And that creepy brother Rene who hardly counts as "family.")

- Not a team player.
- Introverted. Extremely secretive.
- Conservative. Although not shy, likes to keep to herself rather then seek out company.
- - Problems are dealt with efficiently for the most part. Doesn't waste time considering the options, and go with what she knows to tackle them. If there is still a problem after she has used this method you she be inclined to freeze up, or to just keep using the same method as before (even if it doesn't work). Known to be able to deal with heated situations.
- Leader.
- Fastidious. An organized and prepared sort of person.
- Passionate about protecting loved ones.
- Interests are varied, although She rarely strays from what she knows and likes.
- Works best anytime.
- She is known generally by people for an individual personality quirk. She can be seen as kind of snobbish and intimidating.
- Opportunistic.
- Not one for crowds. Very much a "me and my couple of friends" sort of person
- Hierarchical
- Aggressive.
- Only tends to speak when she has something of importance to say. Not a gossiper.
- Territorial. If someone invades into a part of life that is private, and meaningful to her, she is likely to lash out and tell them to back off. She is also the sort of person who will be careful in meeting new people, and testing what their boundaries are.
- Stubborn
- Independent.
- Graceful and eloquent in her presentation of herself. She likes routine, but is able to deal with a small change in it as long as it doesn't upset the entire design of it. Has a distinctive style. Good at using resources available. High maintenance type of person. Outside work, she is playful and relaxed- it's just that the majority of the time this playfulness is reserved for her "alone time".


Full Name: Moxie

Settled Or Not: Settled as a black footed cat:

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Gold
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Lumi Flint
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