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Yay for characters in the future!
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 that's not my name. [cameron]

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PostSubject: that's not my name. [cameron]   Sat May 30, 2009 4:30 pm


Full Name: Cameron Charlotte Lucas.

Gender: Female.

Birth Date: January 2nd, 2009.

Eye Color: Brown.

Hair Color: Brown.

Height: Five feet, seven inches.

About His/Her Family: Her mother died about a month after she was born, so Cameron and her father moved to Annerb. She never really knew the details of her mother's death, or why they moved to Annerb, but she always had fun with her father. Her father was a bodyguard in Adhbhar, so he taught her everything he knew about defense and using her Eilemaiden. They bonded a lot, and though Cameron always wanted a big family, she's always loved her father.

- You have a name or nickname that is misleading.
- People are often confused about what social group you hang out in, but you yourself are quite certain of your place.
- A quick learner, and you may have jumped ahead a grade.
- Grasp concepts quickly.
- You're seen as cute, but a little weird.
- Have a timid nature.
- You don't like to be in the spotlight, and take pains to avoid unnecessary attention.
- You set yourself small goals but accomplish them in leaps and bounds.
- A self-motivated, fast worker.
- Rarely require encouragement to get things done.
- Have a good head on your shoulders; have strong common sense.
- You block out everyday distractions when you're trying to be involved with something, which can be frustrating for others.
- Described as "wide-eyed", or people tend to notice your eyes.
- You take in most of your world using your sight. Visual aids are very important to you.
- You have a habit towards reclusion, and like nothing better than to hole up in your room and spend time alone.
- Sometimes, however, this can get out of control, and you block out the entire world with your own made-up one.
- Prone to anxiety or coping problems.
- You hate big changes in your life, and would be content to have everything stay the same forever.
- You're either found alone or with your one best friend/partner.
- Don't like groups or crowds.
- You really are "only happy when it rains". Angst, drama, and turbo-charged emotions make you feel alive. xD Not sadistically, either. You just like to have something to mull over and talk about.
- Like to gossip, but not extensively.
- You LOVE to surprise people, especially with practical jokes.
- When frightened or intimidated you'll immediately retreat back into yourself. Confrontation is terrifying to you.
- The apple never falls far from the tree, they say, and it applies to you: you probably live with or near your parent(s).
- Your parents were and are important to you. You feel you never got enough individual attention from them, but you still like to know they're around if you need them.
- You have a daily routine, but mixing it up a bit pleases you.
- People get the impression that you're somehow familiar to them, but with a strange twist. (This can be unnerving at times. xD)
- Your emotions are delicate, and it doesn't take much to make you feel left out or hurt.
- You can be tough in a pickle, but you don't usually get that far. ;P
- Proud of your past, and take strength from it.
- Able to do extraordinary things with your adept, delicate hands.
- Skilled at anything you put your mind to, but your specialty is "burrowing" jobs that require research and fact-hunting.
- Big-headed, kind of cocky, but never out loud. Your arrogance is a private one.
- You've matured quickly and are always aware of your responsibilities and consequences.
- Not a party animal. =P
- You're the kind of person who everyone relies on but doesn't realize it; you do hard work but don't get recognized.
- You don't like overly cute or sweet things; savory and rich is the way to go, be it food, entertainment, or company.
- A sound sleeper.
- Can get so involved in something that you lose track of everything else!
- Although you're distant, you like being part of a family.
- Clean; organized.
- Your hobbies tend to be "nourishing" in that they are immensely satisfying in all aspects. Maybe you like to build things, or volunteer.
- Tend to grumble if you're disturbed; dislike unexpected guests.
- Despite your insecurities and irritability, people adore you and you're treated like that mean ol' grandpa that everyone loves anyway.
- Introverted, but still talkative when you're comfortable.
- You solve problems in a "weird" way. You take non-traditional routes.
- You follow the crowd, and would hate having to be a leader.
- Believe it's important to keep one's head down and avoid what might be bad attention.
- The one thing that can always piss you off is people coming into your home and touching your stuff.
- Known to throw little temper tantrums, but it's easy to shut you down.
- Though independent, you're submissive, in order to avoid the ire of your "betters".
- A terrible pessimist.
- Stubborn, but about little things. You'll get in a tizzy over the placement of cooking utensils!
- Energetic.
- Although you do your best to blend in, you just can't fit that mold no matter what. Your quirks and oddities always manage to shine through.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know: Though she doesn't know it, her mother is Charlie Preston and her father is Rowan Eligius. Eek.


Full Name: Aries.

Settled Or Not: Settled. Springhare.

Gender: Female.

Eye Color: Golden.
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that's not my name. [cameron]
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