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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: KAIDEN IS TOTALLY BADA   Wed May 27, 2009 6:46 pm


Full Name: Kaiden Samuel Scones

Gender: Male

Birth Date: November 14, 2008

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'1"

About His/Her Family: He has a dad and a mom. He doesn't talk to them often because he's a jerk. But they love him. He uses them for money and crap.

- Solitary, avoidant; may come together with a close friend if absolutely necessary

- Not picky; you take what you can get and accept whatever you can find

- Very adaptable; could thrive in many various environments

- Regardless of that ability, you prefer to stick to one area or
group of people and remain fairly consistently within that -- your type
can be found anywhere and in any environment, but once you've chosen an
environment you stay in it

- You stay close to home, or stick with one area of expertise

- Willing to dig around to get what you want; get under the surface of things to find what you need

- Like to strip away the outer layers to find what's beneath

- You can be greedy

- Take what others leave behind; see the value in unfinished works or discarded, useless things

- You may wind up moving with others unintentionally in an attempt to collect these things

- When you are in a new environment you tend to take over quickly and make it what you want it to be

- Your voracity is often destructive; your greed or curiosity will
tear apart everything around you until you are the only one left whole

- Inconsiderate and self-centered

- The previous two points are not because you specifically wish
harm on others, but simply because you are so determined and good at
getting what you want, and are often oblivious to others' needs or

- In fact, you are not usually intentionally aggressive, or less so than others like you

- People may find you subtly overwhelming -- rather than directly
getting what you want, you alter the environment that everyone else is
used to and make it impossible for them to thrive

- Maybe you alter group schedules for your own needs, take
people's offices/ seats at school/work, or win powerful people over to
your side so that they prefer you over their original workers or

- Regardless, by the time you're through with something you have
made it yours, without thought for anyone else, and everyone else is
likely frustrated with you.

- Totally apathetic about others' opinions; people can like you or leave you as far as you're concerned

- Thick-skinned, and also insensitive to others

- Need to take shelter from the world at times

- You will take solace and comfort wherever you can get it

- May avoid your problems

- Ambitious and intellectual

- You need to feel absolutely safe and sheltered before you can truly relax and enjoy yourself

- But you don't really care where or what that shelter is as long as it hides you

- Wary and distrustful

- You thrive on variety

- You tend to be able to get what you want from people. Although
you aren't necessarily aggressive, you aren't one to be messed with.
Most people will back down to you in the end.

- You may feel sometimes that the world is out to get you, or that you are misunderstood

- You probably simply don't see the negative side of your
tendencies -- why, after all, you're just making yourself at home and
trying to fit in!

- You don't make a commitment until you know the timing is right and you'll be able to follow through

- You approach tasks in pieces and will save some of your work for later if you can't do it all in one go

- Once things are to your liking, you dislike for them to change

In short, the Pacific Rat is solitary, secretive, avoidant, greedy, destructive, paranoid, ambitious, open-minded, oblivious and self-centered. You would make a good mad scientist, conspiracy theorist, crotchety old man, self-serving politician -- or really, anything you wanted as long as you didn't mind people hating you -- which, if you're a Pacific Rat, you probably don't!



Full Name: Nala

Settled Or Not: Settled (Kiore Rat)

Gender: Female.

Eye Color: Black.
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