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 Maya Louise Sharon

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PostSubject: Maya Louise Sharon   Tue May 26, 2009 7:16 pm


Full Name: Maya Louise Sharon

Gender: Female

Birth Date: January 1st, 2009

Eye Color: Blonde

Hair Color: Blue

Height: 5'5"

About His/Her Family: She has a family but doesn't see them much because they live in Aite.

How you see yourself

[I put my arms around you, and I hope that I will do no wrong]

>You typically are happy, optimistic, and easy going.

>An extrovert by nature, you are exceptionally social even with strangers.

>Space(room) is definitely important to you, and you hate being cooped up for too long.

>You enjoy getting out, but quiet time is fine too.

>An active individual, you can adjust your sleeping pattern to whatever conditions you’re under at the time.

>Sleep is pretty much a necessity, and you can get very cranky without it.

>A very empathetic person, you hate seeing others(even people you don't know) unhappy.

>Giving, you offer any help you can to others in need.

>You are playful and unique.

>In possession of a big heart, you wear it on your sleeve.

>Being close to others is something you find comforting and enjoyable.

>Resourceful and intelligent, it's rare that you can't find a way to get what you want.

>You greatly dislike being alone for extended periods of time.

>Manipulating others for a good reason doesn't bother you; you always good intentions.

>Childhood was odd for you, and you experienced a lot of change and realizations.

>You are individualistic and hate being called exactly like someone else.

>Sometimes you lie to get your way or to help other people.

>Outspoken and somewhat blunt, you try hard to be eloquent.

>Music makes you happy, and you enjoy being around it.

>You probably don’t mind performing in front of others because it gets you attention.

>Although you're a hard worker, you have to be motivated or inspired.

>Preferring to gather in small groups, you still enjoy being around all types of people.

>It's likely that you don't eat large meals, preferring to snack all day.

>Cold temperatures aren't something you enjoy, preferring hotter climates and surroundings.

>Attention in some form is a necessity, and you'll often go out of your way to get it.

>Being left out of secrets and personal things makes you upset,
as you're always wanting desperately to know everything about those
you're around in order to feel closer to them.

>You feel like you should be everyone’s friend and try hard to be a neutral party.

>The effort you put forth for others should be acknowledged and appreciated.

>You appreciate beauty in all of its forms.

>Gender roles aren't important at all to you, and you are very open-minded.

>Physically affectionate, you don't mind being physical with both sexes, regardless of your gender.

>A habit of yours is wanting to touch others and often you are physically attached.

> Talking about those you dislike behind their back is typically
a way of venting; however, you never want to hurt anyone's feelings.

How others see you

[Emotion, devotion, to causing a commotion]

>Despite your being simplistic or less commanding of spotlight, others still see you as flamboyant and colorful.

>You often come across as clingy and jealous.

>Hard-headed and steadfast, you aren't one to back down from something that you care about.

>People find you a little awkward, but you're just dancing to your own beat.

>Many a time people have said that you look and act like your parent(s).

>Loud and unintentionally obnoxious, you're seen as nice but somewhat overbearing.

>Odd silences irk you, so you talk a lot and lead conversations to keep away the awkwardness.

>You enjoy compliments and tend to fish for them.

>Extremely loyal and helpful, you're a great friend to have around when the going gets tough.

>Intellectual and inventive, it's clear that you need stimulation for the mind.

>Sitting still usually isn't a problem, but you can be fidgety and easily excitable from there.

>Sugar coating things that might hurt others’ feelings is a specialty of yours.

>You adapt to different situations by wearing “masks” to please others.

>By feigning nonchalance, you avoid confrontations easily.

>A small habit of yours is telling white lies.

>Most people know of you, whether by sight, person, or reputation.

>You’re rather gullible and can seem high maintenance at times.

>You come off as a know-it-all because by wanting to be helpful, you spout out information that isn’t wanted.

>Others think that you have an engaging and endearing personality.

>People can sometimes be irritated by your chatty disposition.

>You will put on fronts to protect yourself.

>Normally a forgiving person, if someone you love hurts you, you can hold a serious grudge against them.

>Overly sensitive sometimes, certain(and often ridiculous) things bruise your ego easily.

>Although a pacifist by nature, your temper can be easily let
loose by words; luckily your bark is much greater than your bite.

>Very charismatic and lively, people often want to be around you.

>The compassion that you have for others is very strong.

>Sometimes you can be too much to handle, and some people can only take you in small doses.

>However you feel at a given time, you can lift up others or bring them down just by being around them.

How you think

[If I cannot fly, let me sing]

>Not hierarchal at all, you think in terms of everyone being equal.

>You always want to be seen as a successful and helpful person.

>It is your utmost wish to be needed by other people.

>Other people's needs come before yours; you'd rather be the one hurting if it came down to it.

>Love is something that you give freely.

>Anyone who's a friend to you is your friend as well.

>Though you don't mind being in large congregations, you prefer smaller groups for the one-on-one experiences.

>Your social network is filled with many good friends; it's rare that you have a friend that's higher than any of the others.

>Things should be done in terms of necessity, and the rest can be put off until later.

>Procrastination is pretty typical with you, since you have a bit of a one-track mind.

>Someone can be above you, you don't care about leading but can take care of yourself if the need arises.

>You consider your appearance and health very important, and you may even be preoccupied with it sometimes.

>Others should be cleanly and well kept, and you don't mind "helping" them clean up.

>Without social interaction, you become withdrawn and unhealthy.

>Food isn't typically a big deal, but you do need some variety in your diet.

>Optimistic beyond others, mornings excite you and you look forward to each day.

>You greatly dislike surprises and being unexpectedly frightened; it distresses you.

>Pleasing your family is very, very important to you.

>The opinion of others may not directly hurt you, but you do want to be viewed well.

>Knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.

>Practicality is a very good thing, but you think outside the box and are fresh and creative.

How you are in relationships

[You’re part of my entity, here for infinity]

>While emotionally attached to many people, you are monogamous when it comes to being in love.

>You may have a set type that you normally like, but you recognize that you can fall for anyone.

>A hopeless romantic, when you fall, you fall fast and hard.

>Others may find you a bit emotionally masochistic, because you end up in like with and are hurt by people so often.

>Whoever you are pursuing or are dating, you want to closer than anyone else is to them; no exceptions.

>There may be a discrepancy for you between romantic feeling and physical attraction.

>You aim to please, and you'll do anything for the one you love.

>Knowing what your love is doing and checking up on them is something you feel that you need to do.

>You probably become panicky when you don't hear from him or her for a long period of time.

>Freaking out over little things that you think may "damage the relationship" is common for you.

>Often times you are jealous when your loved one spends more
time with someone else than you, and you become suspicious easily.

>You feel entitled to know everything about him or her; secrets in the relationship make you anxious.

>It's not uncommon for you to rush into a potential relationship
full force, pretty much getting your hopes up with just the slightest
hint of success.

>Break-ups and heartbreak are the worst for you; it rips your entire world apart.

>It takes you longer than others to fully get over heartbreak, and you become depressed for extensive periods of time.

>Others find your attitude towards a love overly dramatic, and
it seems that people don't quite grasp how intense your emotions are.

>You are prone to holding onto some thread of a dead
relationship, hoping that there's some hope left, only to find yourself
crushed over and over again.

>Even after time, you will go out of your way to try and get someone back.

>You can become obsessive and even may feel somewhat like a stalker sometimes when it comes to love.



Full Name: Jules

Settled Or Not: Settled (Lovebird)

Gender: Male.

Eye Color: Hot Pink.

settled adhbhar
peach faced lovebird
adhbhar adviser
maya louise sharon
nineteen years young
~ever the optimist
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Maya Louise Sharon
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