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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: KAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII   Wed May 20, 2009 10:26 pm


Full Name: Kai Andrew Lindner

Gender: Male

Birth Date: August 4th, whatever month would make him 16.

Eye Color: Amber.

Hair Color: Brown.

Height: 5'9

About His/Her Family: His biological parents are dead but he has very nice adoptive parents.

o You can come off as seeming kind of downright silly, but folks can't help but take that attitude seriously, because that's essentially what you are. A goofball.
o Recognized by your sense of humor, and you do have a good one; you like others to be cheerful and work to cheer up others whenever you possibly can.
o Sometimes, you offer jokes when you ought to be offering sympathy, but no one can stay mad at you long with those good intentions and super sweet face.
o Despite the humor that you bring to various situations, there is pride in the way you uphold traditions and solve problems.
o Very interesting character, for how cute and demure you seem you can really be a great "knight in shining armor".
o While you may come off as being particularly exuberant and warm, you are a surprisingly cool person. You're more placid than most would expect.
o You reach out to others very strongly, and can pull people to you nearly effortlessly; it only takes a tug, and most folks are in the palm of your hand.
o Carry around a keepsake of some kind to keep you comfortable in strange situations, though it's not readily visible to others.
o Very simple on face-value; sort of dull, even. You're not eye-catching, even if you are cute.
o In fact, it's common for you to be passed off as ordinary and perhaps even rather blase.
o Sadly seen to be very two-dimensional, and you certainly come off that way unless people really work to get through to you.
o You've got a small presence in a room, you have to work to call attention to yourself.
o Fade into the background like an expert, whether you'd like to admit it or not.
o You're not the sort to be immediately recognized, and you're even easily forgotten or dismissed.
o It's not that you don't care about your appearance, but that you'll wear whatever's available no matter how crummy it looks.
o On the same note, you can also make just about anything look good on you, it's an almost magical trait, really.
o You're also obnoxiously healthy, it's rare to catch you ill, and it's rarer when you don't get over it quickly.



Full Name: Karalie "Kara"

Settled Or Not: Settled (NERPA SEAL)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown.
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