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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: LECI''S LIL BRO   Wed May 20, 2009 9:45 pm


Full Name: Lorrik James Alexzander

Gender: Male

Birth Date: December 1st, whatever year would make him 25 years old.

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 6'2

About His/Her Family: Alecis and Eva are his older and younger sisters respectively. He has a new wife named Willow and a new baby named Anna.

- People notice your presence first, you're a bit more noticeable then most people in your gang if you're in the right light.

-But to be fair, you aren't the most noticeable out of the plethora people around you.

-You are quite unlike you family - this either unnerves people or aids in them liking you all the more.

-It looks like you know what your doing, some of the time you don't but your one of the first people - that people like to pick for team or pair work.

-People see you as bit lazy, you'll defiently take the easy way out of something if you can.

-You're an adaptable thing, and people admire you for this.

-It's hard for people to see the true you, you're solitary and let few people in - and sometimes it's tough to let your true colors show unless you're completly comfortable.

- Unusually graceful, you're one of the last people someone would expect to have it all together.

-You're seen as a dreamer, you have all these ideas - but interally you know which ones are too farfetched.

-They notice your tastes don't suit your appearance.

-You can be seen as a bit of a pest.

-People view you as someone who's been around the bend a little, something about you just says you've seen quite a bit and if they need advice you might be the one to go to.

-Your advice might not be all that good all the time, you're better at just listening and comforting than dishing out suggestions and intricate plans of help.

-On the flip side, people see you as crafty outside of your softer side. You usually see what's in it for you in a situation, but won't take brutal means to get to such.

Now one owes you, no one's to blame~
How you really are

-You work by yourself, you rarely let someone in on projects of yours unless it's assigned or you know you'll need help later.

-When you're picking friends they're usually for loose relations, and keep to one extremely trustworthy friend.

-Your thoughts are 'erratic,' this may include the way you bounce from interest to interest or thought process.

-> This makes people hard to befriend you.

-->This can also cause a negative opinion on you that your "Head is full of fluff" to take Scut's wording.

- You're someone who'll make noises or talk to themselves if you're doing dishes or surfing the web.

-You aren't picky with very many things.

-You're patient, and will save useful things for later.

-You're incredible at walking on eggshells.

-You can deal with rough things better than most people.

-You have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Move ahead, Lay down dead, Or slip on by~
When you refuse to lose

-When you get alarmed, the first instinct you have is to D8 OMG RUN.

--> You'll wait out hardtimes, and do your best planning around them away from the problem itself.

-You'll warn others of hard times or dangers ahead.

-When you have to face something head on, you're best at winging it.

-You're reputation sometimes keeps you from unwanted battles.

-When all else fails, you'll fight tooth and nail for what you believe in.

-You sometimes have a hard time getting out what you need to say in an argument for fear of hurting someone.

-->However like the above above this says, if something really means that much to you, you have no problem with leaving someone in tears.

-It takes a while for an argument to esclate to physical violence, you're not interesting in harming anyone (usually Wink ) but more in defending your self on your own points.

->However, if something results in physical conflict it's usually without warning.

No, we can't all be superfly~
All your imperfections

-If you have a reputation, it's usually more about your bite then bark.

-You're rough around the edges extorier sometimes makes it hard to meet new people.

-You're hard to motivate.

-Motivating you usually requires money, a promise of a good time, or you must realllyy like the person.

-You're inclined to mix up not so similar things.

-You're one of the few who are a bit more inclined to backstabbing, sometimes you confide things to the wrong people.

-You're pretty sensitive, you appear to be thick skinned

-> But you're the type to cling to grudges, and to be hurt easily on the inside.

-You're a moral thing, and this occasionally gets in the way of the greater good.

-Your prone to style changes whether it be clothing, writing - they way you express yourself adapts to different things in your life, moreso than your average bear - er tayra?

-You do not deal well with constant elbowing and picking at your character.

--> This may cause you to result in abrupt physical violence. If you have too much of something, POW in the kisser no, warning. Almost in a 'prey-esque' way.

-Hierarchies do nothing more than confuse you.



Full Name: Seik'ial.

Settled Or Not: Settled (TAYRA)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown
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