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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: I'M A LOT MORE CRAZY   Fri May 08, 2009 12:04 pm


Full Name: Cray Silver

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 12th, 1991

Eye Color: Rainbow

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'5"

About His/Her Family: Cray's family is kind, loving, and peaceful. And now she's married to Aven, and they have a really crazy baby boy named Toby.


- Cray interacts quite well in groups, but only if she likes the people she's grouped with. If she doesn't like, or know her group members, she will be very quiet and shy.
- Basically, it all depends on Cray's mood. If she is angry or sad, she'll tend to keep to herself. Normally though, she is always happy and quirky, and she'll always be out there, acting like a fool but not caring.
- Cray is very outgoing. She likes to meet new people and make new friends, as long as those people seem like they'd want to be her friends. But if she is stuck with a rude, or unfriendly looking person, she'll try to avoid them at all costs, not wanting them to know her.
- Normaly, when she comes to a problem, she'll sit and think about her options. If she is rushed to solve the problem though, she'll panic, and do something wrong.
- Sometimes, she will be the leader. If she's in a group, and they're all in a rut, she will usually be the one to say, "I've got it! Follow me!" and they follow. But if she is feeling left out, she tends to follow the rest of the poeple, so she doesn't look stupid.
- Cray is normally very careful as of what she will do or say. Every once and while, she wont care, and just do or say what pops into mind.
- Cray is very passionate of protecting animals. She cannot stand to see a cat suffering, or a bird with a broken wing, she always has to help them. Anyone who does any harm to any animal, will not get away with it when its in Cray's hands.
- Affinities: Unicorns.
- Cray is deffinetly NOT a morning person. She always works best when its the evening, she has most of her energy then.
- People normally see Cray as a average person. She isn't high in the social scale, nor is she low.
- Cray tries to be optimistic the best she can. But tends to not be when she gets depressed or angry, like a normal person would.
- Cray has a large group of friends, but has one or two best friends.
- When Cray is alone, she is very strange, she screams, sings loudly, and and runs about. When she is with family, she is still strange, but is a goofy, normal sort of strange. With friends, she is even worse when she is alone, she blurts out random things, still screams, still sings loudly, and laughs a lot. When she is with a stranger, she will be kind, but mostly quiet and shy.
- Cray is normaly very respectful to her elders but if they give atittude to her, she'll return the atittude.
- She is normaly never aggressive, but when caught in a bad mood, she is known to snap.
- Its almost impossible to get Cray to shut up, unless she is tired, then she'll be quiet.
- Cray has a small territory, and she wishes for others to stay out, unless invited.
- She is quite the stubborn one. She will barely ever budge if she doesn't get her way.
- Cray is very independent but can feel dependent upon others if she feels weak or nervous.
- Cray is a very random person. She will blurt out random words, and spazz out over nothing. She also is a very nervous person, and many strange things can get her heart pumping, and stomach flip flopping.


Full Name: Gaston

Settled Or Not: Settled

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Purple

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