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PostSubject: creeeeepyyyyyyy~   Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:42 pm

Dear Sarah,
Thanks for the camera,
god knows I needed a new one. You accidentally left the sale sticker
on, by the way. Nice to know I’m only worth $800 to you.

Gotta give you some grief for making your brother write you a letter
though. You move away to Michigan, you don’t have a computer, you never
answer your phone, seriously, what the hell? The nineteenth century
called, they want you back.


November 12, 2009
Decided to try out my new camera today. Went out into the
woods—surprised I didn’t even have to wear a coat. The cold goes right
through me usually, but it was actually pretty damn warm out there. I
don’t think the gods of Midwestern weather have figured out the season
I like the camera. It’s different from the old one, going to
take some getting used to, but it’s sharp. Has good zoom. I figured out
how to record on the way back. This camera records sound too! Goodbye,
old camera, to le trash you go.

November 13, 2009
Tried out another photo shoot today. I have a metric ass-ton of
homework to tackle in a few, but I have time. It’s not hard, it’s just
busywork. Went out later tonight to try out the flash. It’ll be a
little bit before I get everything just right, but I think I got some
pretty good shots. The forest looks really impressive this time of year.

might load these pictures onto the comp after eating, see what I’ve
been getting. It’s hard to see detail on these small camera screens.

and shifted through the pictures. Pretty good, some focusing issues, it
seems, but I think I did a good job with the angles. I haven’t lost my
touch. But some of the pictures seem to have defects on them, I wonder
if there’s something wrong with the camera? Little smudges on the
pictures, not smudges, dark spots. It

That gave me a shock. That
one looks like a person. Can’t be, of course, but that’s what it looks
like. Kind of hard to tell, since it’s so far away small, but there’s like a light spot there like a face.
all look like that, now that I go back through them. I wouldn’t have
thought digital cameras would be able to do this to pictures, but
apparently I was wrong.

November 15, 2009
I called
Nick, but he said my initial idea was right, digital cameras really
can’t do that. It’s not like there can be an issue with the film going
in. I checked it out, snapped a few shots around the house. Nothing
there. They all came out clean, and damn good if I’m being honest. I
don’t know, sometimes these little machines we rely on so much just wig
out and we don’t know why, every now and then it just doesn’t make
sense. I’ve had computers pull some pretty strange shit too, doesn’t
even necessarily mean it’s broken.
Samantha asked me to shoot her
wedding. I can’t believe she’s marrying Alan, I never thought they’d
make it this far. I have to admit, these past two years I’ve been
waiting for the break-up. High school relationships just don’t work. I
guess they’re the exception, though, they seem really happy. Obviously,
I said yes. I know she only asked me because she couldn’t get an
‘official’ photographer, but I bet I can do a much better job than any
random SOB she decided to hire.

Dear Chris,
I thought I took that sticker off! Or did I leave it on in a sneaky
attempt to lower your self-esteem by showing you how little you’re
worth to me? Haha, kidding. ©️

Well, you’ll be glad to know this
is your last letter. I bought a new phone yesterday, it’s an iphone so
it’s definitely much more shiny technology than I need. My new number
is 418-927-891. But I lost all my old contacts, so you’re going to have
to send me your number again, okay? I mean, I have the home number,
obviously, but don’t you buy a new cell phone practically every other

I hope you’re doing well. I always hate to think about you
living alone down there in the old house. You know you could always
come stay with me here in Kalamazoo if you wanted.


November 17, 2009
Sarah’s letter came in today. Good thing she finally has a phone that
can text, I hate talking on the phone. Tho I wonder why she didn’t just
call with her new number? Then again, Sarah is literal blonde. Love her, but she can be such a ditz.

November 18, 2009
Fuck, the spots are back. Took the camera out for some more nature
shooting, ended up with ugly black splotches on some of the pictures
that look like people. It’s fucking creepy, like a man in a black
fucking suit. I’d take the damn thing apart myself but I’d just end up
breaking it. I’d ask Sarah for the receipt if I actually thought she
kept it. I need a new camera. They’re not very big splotches, but
they’re fucking up some perfectly good photos. The amateur photographer
in me hates that.

Chris [8:54:32]: This is called an /IM/. It means Instant Message.
Sarah [8:54:51]: Hey, I know what an IM is
Sarah [8:55:09]: I’m not a complete dumbass k?
Chris [8:55:17]: Just stay away from chatspeak and we’ll be cool.
Sarah [8:55:23]: wut do u mean by chtspk?
Chris [8:55:25]: NO
Sarah [8:56:03]: You said you had a question for me
Sarah [8:56:14]: I have to get to work in a few so shot now or forever hold your peace
Sarah [8:56:16]: *shoot
Chris [8:56:23]: did you keep the recept for the camera?
Sarah [8:56:27]: No why?
Chris [8:56:32]: Didn’t think so
Chris [8:56:38]: I think it’s broken
Sarah [8:56:52]: Like how?
Chris [8:57:00]: It keeps leaving spots on my pictures
Sarah [8:57:06]: I can look for it
Sarah [8:57:15]: I’ll text you when I get home

November 19 2009
I don’t have the extra cash to buy a new camera just yet, so I’m stuck
with this. I’ve noticed the splotch is never there on pictures taken
inside. I wonder if that’s a lighting thing? Does natural light bring
out the splotch? What I wonder is

Let me check something.

a picture out the window just now. No splotch, which isn’t unusual.
Since that first time only about a quarter of my pictures have
splotches. Looking through them trying to find out if it’s a particular
This is weird. All the pictures with the splotches were taken from the same angle, looking at the same part of the forest.

That doesn’t make sense.

LATER—took my camera back down there. Snapped some pictures of that same part of the forest. No splotches. Very weird.

LATER—Been thinking about those splotches all day. Looks like a person.
There was no one out there. I didn’t see anyone out there when I was
I swear to god if there was someone stalking me out there while I was taking pictures there’s gonna be hell to pay.

It’s very late. I’m going to bed now.

November 20 2009
it. I’m going out there and I’m taking dad’s old pistol with me. Just
in case. If it’s someone, then I’ll be looking this time and I’ll
confront them. Dad always told me to solve my own problems.

out there for hours. Just taking pictures. Little before dusk, saw him.
Standing way off towards the edge of the field. Too far away to make
anything out, but I think it’s a he. I think he’s wearing a suit.
He didn’t do anything even when I yelled at him. Didn’t move. Just stared in my direction and that’s it.

He was very tall. And thin. He was he

At least I know my camera’s fine.

Had a dream last night dream about suit man in a suit very thin and long arms that just got longer and longer and

November 21 2009
don’t even remember writing that. I guess I woke up sometime and
scribbled that down while I was still half asleep? I don’t even know
what I was talking about. If I had a dream, I don’t remember it now.

November 24 2009
was in my yard yesterday. I saw him through the kitchen window. Right
where the woods back up again the yard. Just standing there.
So tall and thin and
He did not move all day.

I decided not to take out the trash tonight.

November 25 2009

was outside my window. I stayed in the dark. I don’t know if he could
see me. I had my camera, but it stayed off. I don’t think he likes

He moved from window to window. He is not hu

Eyes no no eyes long long arms long
He there is

November 26 2009
have a lot of homework to finish. It’s getting hard to concentrate. I’m
running on almost no sleep at all right now. Where did I leave my phone?

Chris [3:32:07]: hi
Sarah [3:32:16]: Hi Chris! I’ve been wondering about you
Sarah [3:32:22]: I called you a few days ago but you didn’t answer
Chris [3:32:41]: yeah sorry, my phone was in my car
Chris [3:32:46]: took me a while to get up the courage to go get it
Sarah [3:32:49]: what?
Chris [3:34:02]: Do you think you could come down here and get me?
Sarah [3:34:13]: What? Why?
Sarah [3:35:19]: talk to me
Chris [3:35:33]: I don’t like the neighborhood anymore
Chris [3:35:37]: there’s
Chris [3:35:39]: something is
Chris [3:35:43]: How soon can you get here?

make the dinner party Friday night, sorry! I’m flying down to Alton to
get Chris. I’m worried about him, last time we talked he was acting
very strange. He asked me to come and he seemed like he was in a hurry
to get away. So I hope you can forgive me for leaving you hanging!

November 27 2009
Lit homework. I’m not going to classes anymore. Why am I doing lit homework?

Emily Dickinson? We learned about her freshman year in high school. She wrote ‘A Narrow Fellow in the Grass’.

I don’t like that poem much.

It’s about a snake, but

LATER—I’m writing I he’s watching me I can’t see him but I know

A narrow fellow in the grass occasionally rides—you may have met him, did you not, his notice sudden is—

Tapping at the window makes it hard to concentrate.

EVEN LATER—he hasn’t stopped tapping yet
It’s been hours I can’t sleep


Sarah [9:29:12]: Are you packed?
Sarah [9:29:21]: I don’t know how long you’re staying with me.
Sarah [9:29:54]: Chris?
Chris [9:30:01]: i didnt get any sleep last night
Chris [9:30:04]: he just kept tapping
Sarah [9:30:08]: Who?
Chris [9:30:10]: the tall
Chris [9:30:11]: with the
Chris [9:30:14]: the narrow fellow
Sarah [9:30:18]: Chris, are you okay?
Chris [9:30:19]: no
Chris [9:30:22]: hes tapping at the window
Chris [9:30:23]: he has
Chris [9:30:25]: he has no face
Chris [9:30:26]: long
Chris [9:30:27]: arms and
Chris [9:30:28]: hands long fingers
Sarah [9:30:29]: Chris
Chris [9:30:29]: dammit he wont stop tapping
Sarah [9:30:30]: Stop
Chris [9:30:32]: taptaptap
Chris [9:30:34]: the window is rattling
Chris [9:30:37]: what time is it
Sarah [9:30:39]: 9:30
Chris [9:30:41]: am or pm
Sarah [9:30:44]: Chris, what’s wrong?
Chris [9:30:46]: its him hes
Chris [9:30:56]: SARAH
Chris [9:30:58]: SARAH
Sarah [9:31:00]: What?
Chris [9:31:02]: SARAH I
Chris [9:31:04]: SARAH HES IN HES
Chris [9:31:05]: IN
Chris [9:31:07]: IN THE KITCHEN I THINK
Chris [9:31:09]: LONG ARMS SARAH
Sarah [9:31:13]: Chris you’re scaring me!
Chris [9:31:14]: HES
Chris [9:31:16]: HES COMING HES
Chris [9:31:18]: WHY IS HE SO FAST
Sarah [9:31:20]: CHRIS STOP
Chris [9:31:23]: NO NO NO
Chris [9:31:24]: SARAH HELP
Chris [9:31:26]: PLEASE SARAH
Chris [9:31:26]: HES
Chris [9:31:27]: e

From the Desk of Dr. Clayborn:

follows is a transcript of my conversation with Sarah Davidson
regarding psychiatric patient Chris Davidson, her brother. Interview
began at 5:42 PM November 28, 2009.

Clayborn: And, tape recorder’s rolling. Ms. Davidson, describe what you saw when you arrived at your brother’s house in Alton.

I was really jumpy after those texts he sent, but everything looked
normal when I pulled up. The door was unlocked, which was weird for
Chris, but I didn’t see anything all that out of the ordinary until I
got into the living room. I think I missed him the first go-round, I
wasn’t looking for [inaudible] corner. He was all scrunched up, knees
against his chest, and he didn’t even look like he knew I was there. He
was just [inaudible] muttering under his breath. I called and called
but he didn’t look up. He looked straight ahead. I don’t think he saw
me at all.

Clayborn: Muttering…what was he muttering, could you tell?

Davidson: (hesitant) …’Narrow fellow’. He was muttering ‘narrow fellow’ over and over.

Clayborn: Was anything else in the area disturbed?

Davidson: No, not that I could see. But there were a lot of photos lying around.

Clayborn: Photos?

My brother’s an amateur photographer. He must have been taking shots of
the woods. (here, she pulls out several of said photographs). See,
aren’t they gorgeous?

Clayborn: He was quite talented, I see. They’d be perfect shots except for those smudges.

Davidson: Smudges? I don't see any...

Clayborn: Yes. See? That one there almost looks like a funny little man.

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide
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PostSubject: Re: creeeeepyyyyyyy~   Fri Oct 30, 2009 2:47 pm

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide
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PostSubject: Re: creeeeepyyyyyyy~   Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:18 pm

ugggghhhhh, that is so trippy dude.Really cool story though.
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