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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Finn Casey Gallagher

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PostSubject: Finn Casey Gallagher   Sun May 03, 2009 12:09 am

Full Name: Finn Casey Gallagher

Gender: male

Birth Date: April 12th 1991

Eye Color:brown

Hair Color: A light, mousy brown color right below his ears.

Height: 5'11"

About His/Her Family: Aven's baby. His illegitimate baby boy after one of his many ...sexcapades as a teenager. =D Raised well. Lior's nephew.

-People love you for your personality.
-Very friendly and definately out-going.
-You love people, especially children.
-Energetic; you LOVE to play
-Hearty, maybe even called 'rugged'
-You know how to remove yourself from a situation if it gets out of hand; some may even say you're a master at it.
-You don't often speak up, but when you do it's with attitude.
-You align yourself to your family or a small group of friends and you are extremely loyal to them.
-Perky, rambunctious and possibly small in stature, you're known for being "a big personality in a small body"
-Clever and mischevious, you're a stratigical thinker.
-Willful and intelligent, you may bore easily with too much independence in your life.
-Very sensitive to changes in the tone of voice of those around you, especially those you know well.
-You require lots of attention and you may get jealous if its not given to you.
-You have a lot of self confidence.
-Known for being a bit of a jester.
-Because of your need for attention, you LOVE to show-off, especially when you know you are damn good at something.
-You don't like it really hot or really cold, a nice spring day with a light breeze is perfect for you.
-Low matinence.
-Not a very violent individual, its almost like you don't know how to be violent.
-You don't need a lot of excercise, you're happy just to laze about.
-You're often underestimated because people don't believe that someone like you can acheive great things.
-You're not known to be timid.
-You like to be the boss.
-You're need to be around people is so great that you may suffer from seperation anxiety if none are around.
-Very curious; you like to be where the action is.
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Finn Casey Gallagher
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