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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Rowan Eligius

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PostSubject: Rowan Eligius   Thu Apr 16, 2009 4:18 pm

Full Name: Rowan Eligius

Gender: Male.

Birth Date: November 13th, 1985.

Eye Color: Gray.

Hair Color: Red.

Height: About 5’11.

About His/Her Family: Has a dysfunctional yet loving family. His lovely young wife, Ria, and their five beautiful children: 18 year old twins, Chloe and Claire; sixteen year old son, Gage; Fifteen year old daughter, Addysin; and four year old son, Dayton. He also has an improved relationship with his own parents (who hated him for like eight years) and formally estranged younger sister Willow.


- Fairly easy to get along with, has the ability to work with others but prefers not to. Polite and mature, he can seem a little stuck up but that’s not his intention. He’s also very high strung and has a tendency to overreact, even if he doesn't show it.
- More introverted than extroverted. Doesn’t mind being social, but has little patience for what he considers immaturity. Aloof, but amiable.
- Definitely conservative, always tries to avoid confrontation. Even though he’s very capable in a fight, he always looks for the peaceful solution.
- If he has a small problem, he’s able to think about it logically and find a solution. If it’s a big problem, he’s more likely to lose his cool and agonize over it. If he can’t handle something he gets overly stressed out until he finds a solution. A quick thinker.
- He’s a leader for the most part, but knows his place if there is someone of a higher authority around.
- Fastidious. He has a very no-nonsense attitude when it comes to getting things done, which is why he may come across as demanding.
- Passionate about certain things, mainly things he finds to be of aesthetic value.
- He’s a morning person. Up at the crack of dawn.
- Although he’d prefer to be easily ignored, he seems to attract unwanted attention, especially from clios in other Eilemaiden looking for trouble.
- He’s realistic and down to earth. Intelligent.
- He has a close group of friends.
- Around familiar clios he’ll be his usual self; mature, thoughtful, impatient. Around those he doesn’t know he’s more avoidant and closed off, and socially awkward, though after a while he‘ll ease up.
- He knows his place and respects those above him. But he doesn’t respect those below him very much.
- Very passive-aggressive. Can be manipulative.
- Mostly quiet until a topic of interest come up. He’ll say whatever he feels needs to be said.
- Very territorial. Enter his private lodgings and it might be the last thing you do.
- Flexible. Although opinionated, he’ll change his mind if persuaded.
- Independent. Gets things done on his own, is easily frustrated with other clios. He's forgiving though, and isn't so much frustrated with other clios as he is just frustrated, actually.
- Is very aesthetic. A lover of beauty.

Any Thing Else About Your Character We Might Need To Know:[background, ethnicity, etc.]: Uh...he used to be an alcoholic and still appreciates the simple pleasure of occasionally having a drink or two or eight.


Full Name: Nym Shahrivar

Settled Or Not: Settled as a Scottish Deerhound:

Gender: Female.

Eye Color: Amber.
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Rowan Eligius
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