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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Riley Bean

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PostSubject: Riley Bean   Tue Sep 01, 2009 8:59 pm

Full Name: Riley Brendan Walsh

Gender: Male

Birth Date: October 5th

Eye Color: Greenish blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5' 10"

About His/Her Family: He has a Mommy and Daddy and he loves them both very much. :3

African Pied Crow: (corvus albus)
{handsome in black-and-white}

-You are rarely far from others, especially those who you are close to. You are a very social person, and you dislike being alone.
-Really, you need your social interaction. To you, it’s just as important as food and water.
-Your social scene is usually pairs or small groups of close friends, but occasionally you will join large groups of others for action’s sake.
-Though you are a fan of company, you do not like being crowded in. You prefer being able to see around you -- the city is probably not the best place for you. Your ideal landscape would be the suburbs around a larger city or even a small’re not too far from the action, but you’re just far enough away that you can breathe.
-You are able to adapt and (eventually) flourish in new situations or environments.
-You prefer warm climates but can adapt to cooler weather if necessary.
-When you are angry, your words are harsh, or maybe you are just blunt. Either way, not much gets in your way when you have something to say.
-You are almost constantly in motion, whether it be physically or mentally. Your thoughts might jump from place to place, or your imagination could be very active. Either way, you are not one to hold still (or be confined, see above).
-Both male and female are active in a relationship and will be sure to pull their weight.
-Your memory is very accurate and you can easily retain little details, repeating them back without much problem.


Full Name: Rainbow

Settled Or Not: Settled (African Pied Crow)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black
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Riley Bean
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