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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Chewing, chewing, all day long

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PostSubject: Chewing, chewing, all day long   Thu Aug 20, 2009 9:22 pm


Full Name: Enya Loraine Laiger

Gender: Female

Birth Date: October 13th, age 15

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Dyed blonde, natural brown.

Height: 5'2

About His/Her Family: Her dad is the mayor of Dahlin, and her parents also own several businesses in Dahlin, like the Kiborante and Casa Nova's and such. So they're loaded. Enya is their heiress, but she's not always sure if she wants to be. Especially since it involves someday getting married to a boring rich guy.

- Your appearance tends to confuse peoples' expectations of you.
- Prefer the twilight and darkness; you go about your business away from prying eyes and in subjects that most people are unfamiliar with or not interested in.
- A skilled climber (and not just physically).
- When you put your mind to something you easily flow from one point to another as you get deeper into it.
- Not particular about what you eat, but you probably eat small snacks all the time instead of three big meals.
- When alarmed, you become savage and fierce. You are not afraid to resort to violence, and can use incredibly crude insults.
- When you decide on something you are amazingly stubborn about it. You "sink your teeth in" and almost nothing can pry you away.
- Shy away from group work and large congregations of people.
- Good at "digging up" information. You have the patience to burrow into a large pile of seemingly irrelevent data and pull out something gold. Because of this talent, you could have great success in coding or journalism.
- Seen as more graceful and "unique" than the rest of your family, though others judge you by their behavior.
- Generally solitary, with occasional contact with the opposite sex.
- Not much is known about your lifestyle, as you keep to yourself and abhorr gossip.
- Need a small, secluded place to relax and call home.
- Take advantage of other peoples' work. You won't do something yourself if you can get someone else to do it for you.
- Have a dreamy side that you rarely reveal to others.
- A forager. You don't actively get out and do things, but sniff around waiting for activities and opportunities to come your way.
- Untrusting of others. You've been stabbed in the back and taken advantage of by those close to you, and are wary of letting anyone too close again.
- Are seen as valuable, but those who desire you are most likely to be the ones that hurt you.
- It's hard to get in contact with you. You're very hermit-like and shun the usual modes of communication, so people have to work to get to know you.
- Instead of whining about minor annoyances you move directly to get rid of them.
- Not very materialistic. You value few of your possessions but will fight fiercely for those you do.
- Very trustworthy, and easily keep secrets.
- A pessimist and cynic, but an unusually energetic one. You replace the stereotypical apathy with active dislike. xD
- Very defensive of your private space. If you feel that someone is intruding in your space or on your rights, you'll get right up in their face and tell them what's what (in the most offensive terms you can summon up).
- Seen as cold and aloof. You sometimes get caught up in self-pity (especially males) and see yourself as a tragic loner.
- Skilled at logic and determining/following cause-effect relationships.
- Not very dominant, as you choose to isolate yourself from most heirarchial situations.
- Dislike radical change, as it interrupts your establishes routines.
- Independent.
- Not a perfectionist.


Full Name: Miguel.

Settled Or Not: Not yettttt.

Gender: Male.

Eye Color: Brown.
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Chewing, chewing, all day long
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