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Yay for characters in the future!
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 emia cassidy rose

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PostSubject: emia cassidy rose   Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:03 pm

Full Name: Emia Cassidy Rose

Gender: Female

Birth Date: May 28

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'5"

His/Her Family: She has a younger brother named Emmet and two loving parents named Esther and Eden.

Known by several different names.
» Names by which you are affectionately known as tend to be descriptive in some sense.
You hail from a diverse, showy family, a family well-known in the local
area. Conversely, as attractive a character you are, little is known
about you and your habits, as you are a private individual.
» In several subtle ways, you are distinct, even in the midst of your flamboyant relatives.
» Commonly described as particularly [if not distinctly] masculine or feminine.
What little people can glean about your temperament is usually based on
limited observation. Your innermost thoughts are very much your own.
You do not determinedly demand the spotlight, yet seem to frequently
grab the focus of others. Walking down the street, you may turn heads –
but only because people see some unexplainably alluring quality in you.
» A small presence, not at all abrasive.
» Perhaps considered a little clingy and “high-maintenance”, both by friends and significant others.
You like to keep in touch with people. Maybe you’re constantly on your
cellphone to friends, checking up on them. Indeed, you would make for a
good pen-pal, diligently and regularly sending detailed replies.
» Your voice [or ideas] have been described as pleasant, and distinct.
» You are often found in the company of your significant other.
» One of the first things people notice about you is your distinct dress-sense. You perhaps favor flashes of bright color.
You possess a lot of energy, but you also need lots of emotional
nourishment to keep your mood positive, although you try to conserve
energy where you can.
» You’re almost constantly on the go. You’re
cheerful and chirpy, a pleasure to be around, despite your somewhat
enigmatic nature.
» Seemingly uninterested in travel, you prefer to remain within your designated home-territory.
You rarely venture beyond your comfort zone – this zone could be
metaphorical or geographical. Doing so causes you to lose your
confidence in yourself; and you hate losing your sense of control. It
is unlikely that you will leave your “zone”, even if there is good
reason for you to do so.
» You are attracted to beautiful, colourful things, and appreciate aesthetic appeal.
» Voracious in your hunt for knowledge. It's difficult to sate your curiosity.
» Tend to adhere to society’s typical gender stereotypes.
It is easy for you to become routed in your ways. You do not take
change very easily, instead preferring to use regular methods and
remain as you are.
» Delicate, fragile emotionally. Easy to influence.
» Sure, you are a charismatic, entertaining individual, but on occasion you’re just overwhelming.
» [female] Attracted to flashy individuals, and people who exhibit their skills.
» [female] Easily star-struck.
» [male] You make spectacular use of the tools at your disposal.
» [male]
Make brazen displays when attempting to woo a potential partner or win
over a friend; feel as if you must show off in order to gain attentions.


Full Name: Jade

Settled Or Not: Settled (Boot Racket tailed Hummingbird)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Blue


sometimes it may seem
like you're flying in circles,
but at least you're still flying
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emia cassidy rose
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