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Yay for characters in the future!
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 electric city (her sig is in here, look at it! :D)

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PostSubject: electric city (her sig is in here, look at it! :D)   Fri Aug 14, 2009 2:29 pm

Full Name: Pattyn Denise Baker

Gender: Female

Birth Date: August 21st, whatever year makes her 17

Eye Color: Greenish-blue

Hair Color: Hair color changes a lot, but natural hair color is brown

Height: 5' 3"

About His/Her Family: Grew up with her father her whole life, but he was a dead beat bum father, who only cared about himself, so Pattyn had to raise herself. As soon as she settled she moved out of the house into an appartment in Dahlin

» Your habits (for example, not tending to phrase your most honest thoughts out loud) tend to render you difficult to understand. People are only successful in their efforts to make a friend of you if they keep on trying.
» You convey more through body language and expression than through speech, though your tone often seems to give you away and your vocal patterns are “odd”.
» You are likely considered to be at a little “creepy”, or alternative, at the very least. Despite this, there’s something appealing about you. Some might even go so far as to term you “cute”.
» People seem to have a hard time pinning your personality down.
» You are probably incredibly important to a very select group of people.
» Though you might come across as apathetic and broody, generally, you are quite alert.
» You alternate between periods of apparent clumsiness and impressiveness.
» Little curios catch your eye; you are probably fond of small foreign marketplaces and the like. You have an interest in the obscure and the exotic, and are not bothered by that which might make other people squirm. Needless to say, you like the Internet.
» If at all possible, you will not let yourself be backed into a corner. Similarly, you will squirm and wriggle and con your way out of undesirable situations.
» You’re typical of the phrase, introverted extrovert.
» It seems that, a lot of the time, your head is in the clouds. You’re often lost in a fantasy-world, a bit of an “idle daydreamer”.
» You do not like “tough” things, though you might be rather rough yourself.
» You’ve got an interesting view of the world – it’s almost inverted, warped. However, people might struggle to understand your opinions, and probably frequently feel that your head is full of fluff. Yours is a different kind of cleverness. It’s a “twisted genius”; there’s You Land and the rest of the world.
» In some way you are “specialist” – you function very well in the social niche which you have crafted for yourself.
» You’re not a particularly hard worker, instead getting along by “winging it”. You are skilled in your profession as a slacker, though, and get stuff done almost inadvertently, with very little instances of work propelled by real effort. Any proper progress which you actually do make tends to be slow and all over the place.
» Quite picky, in terms of food and otherwise.
» You are fastidious (things have to be “just so”, and you spend a considerable amount of time grooming yourself), though your attitude would suggest otherwise.
» Socially, you can be quite dominant, often achieving your way by threats, as well as pushing and prodding people into accepting it.
» During bouts of intense activity, you border on being a bit of a wild explosion.
» Keen on physical contact.
» It's not that change knocks you over. More that you do not adapt well to new or altered circumstances. You would rather remain where you are (not necessarily in terms of location).
» You can sustain yourself, i.e. you can stand on your own two feet, and do not depend on anybody else.
» You will leave what you do not want. If something does not appeal to you, you will pass right over it, refusing to engage with it.
» If there’s something decent in it for you, you’re right there.
» When disturbed, startled, or unsettled, you will either fold into yourself or leap into awkward action.
» Within your social group, you do not have a large impact, just a series of significant little contributions. Your social organization is loose and fluid.
» You are self-assured, almost arrogant, although this is eroded to a mere façade when you are out of your element.
» Rarely will you submit to another, even if they seem to dominate you. When you move away, you are not “retreating”. You just don’t want to be right next to complete fools.
» Perhaps wish to pursue a career in ecology, environmental management, or some other related field. Your interest in these things borders on a passion – really, when people think of you, they think, “oh, that kid that’s always stuck in an animal book”.
» You often get into petty little squabbles with your friends and co-workers.
» There are those who would come after you, regardless of the consequences.
» Often, you find yourself under what you perceive to be immense pressure. You do not work well in such conditions. Instead of working to get something finished for a deadline, you’ll probably just refuse and drop it.
» You have a tendency to assume that you can do as you please – or, you just /will/, even if it means intruding or barging in on the territories of others.
» You are likely go into things head-first.
» You can be aggressive, and can get violent as well as vocal and visually intimidating.
» Your senses of empathy and intuition are quite limited. Really, you are not a sensitive or perceptive person. You’re more canny than anything else.
» You are changeable, personality-wise and in the fact that you easily turn on your friends.
» [male] You are affectionate, yet stubborn and pushy when it comes to your partner.
» [male] You are not all that keen on young children, and might even go out of your way to avoid them.


Full Name: Léonard

Settled Or Not: Settled (Comoro Black Flying Fox)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Red

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electric city (her sig is in here, look at it! :D)
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