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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: AERIA PARKER ADLER   Wed Aug 12, 2009 7:10 pm


Full Name: Aeria Parker Adler

Gender: Female

Birth Date: April 4, 2008

Eye Color: Hazelish green

Hair Color: Brunette

Height: 5'7"

About His/Her Family: She has a brother named Alton, and that's about it. She used to have a mother but she died in childbirth with Aeria's younger sister, Anniah. Her father was heartbroken when she died, but overcame his grief to care for his newborn daughter and, two year old daughter, and four year old son. When Anniah was fifteen she was walking along Theodore Lane by herself and was brutally murdered by a man named Ian Greening. Ian was thrown in Nabakza with a life sentence, but nothing could make their father feel better. He ended up committing suicide just a week after Anniah's funeral.

• Have a love of color and pretty little things
• Seen as brilliant, talented
• "Natural", in that you're honest and lack artifice; you don't hide behind masks and you don't put on an act
• Capricious. Your unpredictable streak means that you're hard to upset [because you're not an easy target]
• Renowned for some skill or trait
• You become friendlier with gentle coaxing
• A creature of the moment, though you're able to focus on long-term objectives
• Not short-sighted [not self-absorbed, not thoughtless]
• You draw inspiration from odd sources
• Popular or sought after, or thought of as cool and trendy
• A difficult sort of person to pin down; elusive
• You take care to avoid confrontations
• Wary; unconsciously cautious, even
• You don't like to dwell on things; you're quick to move on
• On the surface, you come across as [seem to have] a vibrant character
• Underneath the flair, you have a pretty subdued personality
• Most noticeable when at work or in your element
• At work, you are firm and always on top of things
• You're a delicate presence; a gentle person with a soft touch
• Have a short attention span
• When you're really enjoying yourself, your behaviors seem impulsive and intense
• Though you’re often found in thick of things, you're mostly a wallflower
• A quiet individual, not very talkative
• Good at picking out relevant facts from long articles
• You dislike changing your methods and approaches
• You love your favorite things with a passion and react well if someone treats them positively
• Dislike being disturbed
• Inadvertently helpful [helpful without really meaning to be]
• Easy to recognize, thanks to some conspicuous feature or trademark characteristic
• You like having a feel for [an understanding of] the situation at hand
• Your thought processes are quick
• Creative, a dreamer. Much of your time is spent with your head in the clouds
• [male] Hare-brained. You often find yourself mistaken; in your haste, you frequently slip up. Thankfully, most of these slip-ups are minor and harmless, though on occasion they get you into trouble
• [male] Attracted to colorful personalities
• [male] Find that your weaknesses are sometimes exploited
• [female] Prefer to make things easy for yourself; you dislike feeling like a man trying to move a mountain
• [female] Prefer to work with new, fresh ideas that you can shape into something all your own
• [female] Attracted to displays of skill and charisma
• [female] Capable of bearing emotional burdens for a while; you find that sometimes others lean on you for support


Full Name: Jasmine

Settled Or Not: Settled (Ulysses Butterfly)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Gray

I will never say good-bye to you cause if I say good-bye,
then that`s it. That`s good-bye.

Whenever a memory pops into your head,
you always have to wonder;
How many more times will I be able to remember that?
Will I ever remember that again?
How many times can you revisit a memory?
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