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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: You must specify a subject when you post a new topic.   Tue Aug 11, 2009 1:11 pm


Full Name: Darron Rowley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 29th, whatever year makes him 18

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: Has a mom and a dad and a younger brother

-Can survive using things that most people can't/won't
-Where you live will depend on circumstances
-Picky person (in hobbies, food, etc)
-Perhaps a good sense of balance; you don't get pushed around easily
-Adapted to suit your lifestyle perfectly
-Most active at night
-Good at noticing subtle threats
-Can blend in and be hard to spot
-Vocal, especially if you feel largely threatened in any
-Slow and ponderous
-Quick, unexpected bursts of energy when in danger
-Dislikes people who act more impulsively and don't consider things
-Reliable and flexible, though a dreamer sometimes
-Seems harmless but is not easily intimidated
-Cares for offspring very carefully and tenderly
-Soulful and spiritual
-Reserved when meeting new people but friendly and social enough
-Reclusive, enjoys lots of space
-Firm, stubborn and resiliant if pushed too hard
-Good sense of wrong and right
-An attentive and sympathic friend
-Excellant in all terrains if any effort is put in
-Enjoys peaceful times like afternoon sun or moonlight forests, will probably dislike the city and maybe even the suburbs


Full Name: Artemis

Settled Or Not: Settled (Koala)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Purple
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You must specify a subject when you post a new topic.
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