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Yay for characters in the future!
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 the great golden baby

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PostSubject: the great golden baby   Sat Aug 08, 2009 6:45 pm


Full Name: Ian Harold Greening

Gender: Male

Birth Date: April 21

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Real hair color is blond, but when he breaks out of prison he'll change it to brown

Height: 6'

About His/Her Family: He has three younger siblings. Rhint, Katsa, and Ian. About two and a half years ago, he was framed for murder, so his evil parents disowned him. They had another child, hence the reason why he has a younger sibling named after him.

Arctic tern (Sterna paradisaea)

Sea Swallow
[ first impressions ]
-Bold and beautiful (or handsome!)
-People get some false impressions based off your appearance or surface personality
-Relatively loud, or at least aren't afraid to speak up when warranted
-Your 'voice' (whether literally or metaphorically) is unique to you and readily recognizable by those who know you
-Some may find you annoying and grating if they themselves are laconic and quiet
-Have a sort of detached feel about you, and might find it hard to relate to people too unlike yourself, though you're exceptionally accepting
-You might be small, but you're also one of the most determined souls out there
-Active and mobile person who's rarely seen at rest
-Might be a bit odd or possess odd habits, but you're a result of your environment
-Give the impression of unadulterated joy and an easy, carefree spirit
-Clean and crisp appearance
-Not an easy person to forget, especially if they see you in your element
-Rather see-through emotionally
-Can go from noisy to suddenly very quiet, which might put off some people
-Graceful way about you
-Appear to be a buoyant person with nothing weighing you down
-Some would say you're suspicious by nature, and others would say you're very secure, and not needlessly paranoid

Tough Cookie
[ general ]
-As a child had the conflicting instincts of wanting to be independent and make your own choices whilst being too wary or timid to really follow through
-Started your emancipation with plenty of aid and support from your parents, giving you time to find your footing in the world before tackling the real world head on and losing the need for a crutch
-There are some stark changes between who you were and who you've become, which some notice instantly and others are oblivious to
-Prefer things to remain much the same, so that even what is normal to many might be foreign to yourself if it's outside your routine; things outside of your niche are of little interest to you
-Feel that what's most precious to you is also very vulnerable, and that's why you keep it hidden; if they don't know, they can't hurt you
-Believe the best defense is to be unassuming and inconspicuous
-How you have managed to find your way through some trying situations is a bit of a mystery and an amazing feat
-Able to accommodate yourself to abnormal circumstances - in fact, it might feel more normal to you than anything else
-Have rather predictable behavior patterns, because you like routine
-Do not stray far from the familiar, even if the physical distance is long
-Not in a rush to start a family, if you so desire, but feel that you have plenty of time
-Might feel somehow apart from most of what you observe, with you in your own little world and them in theirs
-Don't require things to be perfect and will take functionality over creature comforts; make the most of what you're given
-Sometimes feel particularly vulnerable, with nothing but your passion and wit to defend you
-Not adaptable in the sense that you can adjust to any setting, but would rather find something new that suits you better
-Often see the bright side of things
-You're patient, and good at pausing to assess a situation before proceeding, and exploring all available options; this ability is very important to you
-You're someone who knows where the best pickings are
-Known for periods of downtime when you need to recuperate from everything, but these pass quickly
-May have returned back to your 'true home' after time away
-Matured early
-Don't make time for self-reflection when life is hectic, but may actually set aside time to reevaluate yourself
-Spend most of your time out and about rather than being sedentary
-Some lines you simply will not cross, even when it appears to be an easy way out; you'll find an alternative or just go without
-Like things to be simple and straight-forward, becoming overwhelmed if they become overgrown with complexities and baggage; it makes you feel hindered
-When you see an opportunity you act in a swift and direct manner
-You digest information quickly instead of mulling over it
-People are not likely to find your weak spots because you keep them secret; in general, when you don't want someone to know something, they won't, and if the truth should be exposed you'll retaliate vehemently
-Don't deal well with strong emotions and for this reason you are direct and to the point instead of drawing out a confrontation; try to stay calm by making it painless
-Once you decide on something you act very soon thereafter
-Extremely brave, considering the things you undertake without hesitation
-However much moving around you do, you'll always have your 'home base,' cherished since childhood
-Crave a change of pace in your life now and again, even if eventually you feel compelled to go back to the norm
-Are more interested in evading foreseeable problems and acting ahead of time than being tough and weathering them
-Very sensitive to intrusions in your business
-Your capacity for drive and the resulting achievements are astonishing; you've come a hell of a long way through plenty of tribulations, but you're a survivor
-Once you have success with a certain method, or a good experience somewhere, you exhibit high fidelity to it
-Enough harassment will cause you to give up something (if only for the meantime), but only when you believe fighting back is futile

Take Me As I Am
[ interactions ]
-Take the offensive instead of being passive-aggressive
-When angry your words become severe, and you overwhelm them with your rage
-Some might plainly call you aggressive, because you are fiercely defensive of your loved ones and possessions, and are especially aggressive on 'your territory'
-You are fearless, and it seems no opponent is too daunting
-You are not forceful enough to cause serious injury, but you should not be underestimated, because you'll hit where it hurts; others may benefit from your righteous ferocity
-Come out of nowhere and persist in your attacks
-Very nurturing and give more to loved ones than to yourself; devoted and thoughtful
-Gregarious; you love to chat and get folks together
-Not about gifts or spending, but giving people your care and attention
-Rarely seen by people outside your social circle, especially on holidays, etc.; you're always out doing something and don't 'touch base' very often
-When you're displeased people will know it by your tone - you're not good at hiding it
-Can be a total paradox while still belonging and blending in; you adapt as necessary without sacrificing who you are
-Put a lot of energy and dedication into new friendships or relationships, as you want to catch their interest and hold their attention
-Might follow a new acquaintance around and spend lots of time with them until your curiosity is sated and you can settle into a more normal routine
-In an argument you aren't out to cause lasting damage - you just want to make your point and come out the victor
-Like someone's opinion before making a decision that affects you both
-What matters to your significant other matters to you by extension, and you will also defend what's important to any of your friends
-Go about romantic relationships at a steady pace and aren't in a rush to make things serious
-Have quite the eclectic group of companions, and are open to adopting all sorts of people into your 'flock'
-Like to be on the fringe of most things and not get pulled in, unlike those who can't help but be drawn to the flame
-Might not intimidate on sight, but you are fierce and determined
-May have a habit of surprising or shocking people
-Enjoy others' company and have many groups to choose from
-You like to make an impression
-Will do everything possible to stay out of emotional conflicts, as you don't handle them well and will get bogged down if you don't stay impartial; willing to give an opinion here and there, but all while staying mostly uninvolved
-Depend on a healthy environment - that is, that everyone around you is happy and at peace with each other
-Being alone for long periods would drive you bonkers, because you're used to activity and interaction; rarely do you feel the need for solitude from everyone
-Lonely without people around you, even while working
-You and your friends' talkativeness makes anywhere you gather a noisy place
-Live in a very delicate balance with your environment, such that a significant enough change could throw you off horribly
-Often in close association with some friends
-Can't stand pushy, possessive personalities
-Some people you can't compete with, and would rather avoid them if they tried to hassle you
-Have proven yourself to be a loyal friend
-Might be seen as selfish when you make something seemingly insignificant a personal issue - to you it's the principle of the thing
-Won't stand back when you witness injustice but will join whichever side
-Will observe people for a long time, especially if you're wary about them
-If you don't get a joke, you won't react, but if you do, you might react explosively

Capable Little Steam... fritter
[ work ethic ]
-You're someone who's liable to go far in life, because your eye is always on one goal or another
-Can do a lot with little practice, as some things you have a natural talent for
-Spend considerable time completing only a few things, which means you're rarely in a hurry, and also means that these projects are widely successful
-Most of your personal projects are long-lived endeavors
-You're successful at what you do, however specialized the talent
-Like to share your duties with trusted individuals so you don't have to bear the burden alone
-If you keep getting disrupted or sidetracked, you'll still eventually get the job done
-Able to make quick, on-the-spot adjustments and can be extremely focused
-Spend more time analyzing a problem than acting; the action you get over with quickly
-If people don't think you can achieve something, they'll be disappointed
-Take a lot of excursions so that most drawn out tasks take even longer
-A multi-tasker who does most things on the go
-Feel like you always experience long days, but this means you get a lot accomplished
-People would not immediately realize how capable you are without being informed or witnessing it themselves
-Just how long you can stay set on a single task is impressive; you've got stamina
-Can be so focused you lose sight of the bigger picture
-Do a lot with surprisingly little energy output, like a machine
-You're able to hold your attention on a single, vast goal for long periods, even if side tasks delay progress
-May have a habit of losing track of time
-The type to work on something from daylight into night time
-Few go to your extremes to get something accomplished


Full Name: Victoria

Settled Or Not: Settled (Arctic Tern)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Black

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PostSubject: Re: the great golden baby   Sat Aug 08, 2009 10:20 pm

I. Love. Arctic Terns. So. Much. <3

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide
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the great golden baby
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