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Yay for characters in the future!
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 still not listening to any music

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PostSubject: still not listening to any music   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:07 am


Full Name: Joanna Ruth Mann

Gender: Female

Birth Date: November 9th, whatever year makes her 44

Eye Color: Greenish greyish

Hair Color: Dark brown

Height: 5' 6"

About His/Her Family: Married to John Mann, with two children. Eileen and Noel

Trumpeter Swan, Cygnus buccinator

You are instantly recognizable in a way that few others are. Although strangers often think they know who you are inside and out, they are often sorely mistaken, but nonetheless there is something distinctive about you. Some would say that it is a certain grace or regal bearing, your large personality, or the fact that in a crowd, you are the one that all eyes turn to. A stranger's first impression of you is likely one of beauty and purity; they may be surprised to later find that for all of your beauty, you are no push-over, and you can shed your persona of grace at a moment's notice and turn into a force of nature to be reckoned with.

What may be the most amazing thing about your beauty in maturity is how much you have changed since you were young. Myth has it that you may have been considered ungainly, awkward, and even ugly in your youth. Whether or not you truly were an "ugly duckling," you stood out from the crowd even at a young age. Others with craftier, wilier personalities may have preyed upon you during this time, but with age came power, and few are willing to pick on you now, knowing that you can hold your own in a fight. As a parent, you may remember the sting of your childhood, and be extra protective of your children. Your devotion to protecting your children is one of your only weak points, and others may exploit this, taking this time of your life to try and gain an advantage over you.

You hold your head up high, and are more likely to stare an opponent down or even chase after them rather than back away from a confrontation. You are secure in the knowledge that you are a master in many domains (graceful and invulnerable in both the water and the sky), and can be overly forceful in letting others know who is boss. Although you are infinitely patient with children and your closest friends, you likely have an aggressive streak that rears its ugly head around strangers. You can even be so protective of your loved ones that you can seriously harm innocent bystanders (people have actually been dragged from boats and drowned by Trumpeter Swans).

You are one of those souls who falls in love rarely, but falls in love hard. Trumpeter Swans are monogamous, and usually remain with their first mate for life, as will you. You are extremely attuned to the needs of your mate; if they are going through a tough time, you will remain strong for them until they have regained their strength. You want to share the responsibility of creating a home with your mate, and will share tasks equally.

Your voice is distinctive, and perhaps clashes with others' perception of you. They expect your conversation to be as polished and elegant as your appearance. In reality, you might indulge in coarse humor, or be unfashionably loud.

Rather than suffer through a harsh environment, you would prefer to move to someplace calmer and more habitable and to wait out whatever troubles are occurring back at home. However, there is an exception to this tendency; if you were not exposed to this method of avoiding trouble at home at a young age, chances are you will choose not to "migrate," and will simply weather out the hard times, quite likely to your own detriment. During calm times, however, you may let your guard slip a little (they moult during the summer, and are rendered temporarily flightless), and will not want to give up your hard-earned vacation spot until you have no other choice.

Despite your surprisingly aggressive nature, as a Trumpeter Swan soul, you are beautiful, unmistakable, loving, and talented.


Full Name: Alfonso

Settled Or Not: Settled (Trumpeter Swan)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black
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still not listening to any music
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