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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: disconnect.   Tue Aug 04, 2009 4:06 pm


Full Name: John Rene Mann

Gender: Male

Birth Date: August 1st, whatever year makes him 55

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown hair, graying a little

Height: 5' 11"

About His/Her Family: He has a young wife named Joanna, and a daughter named Eileen and a son named Noel. And his secret family is Rene and Lumi, his first son and daughter

Rainbow lorikeet, Trichoglossus haematodus
Lyrics from Heart Failure, by Sixx Am.

When I think back on this life
I guess we were doing the best we could

‣ You're practically never seen out of the company of your significant other or best friend.
‣ You love hanging out with all kinds of people.
‣ You're a social butterfly and like to keep your communication networks up and active all the time.
‣ You're extremely expressive. You know how to get a point across.
‣ You can be prone to giving in to peer pressure and rolling with the crowd.
‣ You're comfortable in large, noisy groups.
‣ While playful and fun, you're also pushy and can be cruel.
‣ You often speak and gesture quite theatrically and dramatically.
‣ You give out insults more easily than you give out praise.
‣ You're very forward, bold and aggressive. You dominate others without thought.
‣ You're perfectly happy partying with lots of people, both familiar and new, to unwind.
‣ You need a lot of social stimulation to stay happy and focussed.
‣ You don't like to fall out of contact with old friends.
‣ You have been known to have problems using an "indoor voice".
‣ You're very talkative and love to chatter, sometimes to nobody in particular.
‣ You often phrase yourself very bluntly, even rudely.
‣ You're fun-loving and make new friends easily.
‣ You don't put up with people messing with you. You can defend yourself well.
‣ You need quite a firm hand to keep you in line.
‣ If you're treated properly, you can be well-behaved, but you like to outsmart people who seek to moderate you.
‣ You can be territorial, usually over very select possessions and areas.
‣ You're sometimes a little snobby when it comes to who you let into your social group.
‣ You're not terribly tolerant of inexperience.

‣ [female] You can be less forceful than usual when you're introduced to new people in a new place.
‣ [female] When you're new you find it difficult to defend yourself against criticism.

And to look at us from the outside
I'm sure it seems somewhat romantic

‣ You're an instant hit when you walk into a room.
‣ Everything about you screams "look at me!"
‣ People are delighted by your bright, noisy personality.
‣ You're difficult to overlook.
‣ You find yourself popular because people are attracted to your outgoing nature.
‣ Authority figures such as bosses and teachers often regard you as difficult to handle and a nuisance.
‣ You have a tangible energy that is inspiring to others.
‣ Some people are put off by your loudness and messiness.
‣ You have a strong personality. You're not imposing or intimidating, but you're distinctly fierce.
‣ Your overt sociability can overshadow your individuality. Maybe you don't stand out among your friends.
‣ People respect your independence, overlooking how much you mooch off others.
‣ You're known as argumentative, though fun.

But when you've tasted excess
Everything else tastes bland

‣ You are a highly active person, mentally and physically.
‣ You're not afraid to stand up to bullies when you or your friends are under attack.
‣ When you're angry, you can be vicious.
‣ You sometimes don't know your own strength.
‣ You grow accustomed to a schedule pretty easily.
‣ You tend to be quite egocentric and you're usually looking out for your own interests first.
‣ If you find a system that works, you'll stick with it for as long as it continues to work.
‣ You'd never pass up a free meal or a bargain.
‣ People may have compared you to a dog for your loyalty and playfulness.
‣ Your sense of humour ranges from silly to unkind.
‣ You feel uncomfortable when sitting still.
‣ You're optimistic and self-confident. You believe in your own ability to cope.
‣ You have been known to carry a joke too far.
‣ You're wary and difficult to catch off-guard.
‣ You can get carried away and hurt someone thoughtlessly.
‣ You like to have a cozy little nook just for you and your closest friends.
‣ You're quite mischievous and sometimes need to be persuaded that rules do actually apply to you.
‣ You can be very sarcastic and caustic when you want to be.

Yeah, we had everything to lose
But we still lived like we were about to die

‣ You're easily bored and distracted.
‣ Some people describe you as pestiferous because of your sloppy work ethics.
‣ You have poor organisational skills and your possessions tend to be strewn messily everywhere.
‣ The smaller the group, the easier you work.
‣ You have been known to rush into things.
‣ Even if you do actually do some work, you take a lot of breaks and go off on tangents frequently.
‣ The quicker you make headway, the noisier and more excited you get.
‣ In a group you're often argumentative and bossy.
‣ You're adaptive and don't have much trouble getting used to changes.
‣ You can be extremely competitive when roused to it, though you're usually more relaxed about winning.
‣ You're a good learner, particularly through imitation and practise.
‣ You're perfectly happy to let someone else do all the work for you.
‣ You trust your own opinion on how to do something over anyone else's.
‣ You tackle problems directly, head-on.
‣ When you're feeling bored you can be very destructive.
‣ You will interrupt your work in order to play games and chat with people.
‣ You enjoy chattering while at work.
‣ You become spoilt easily, and it's often to your own detriment more than other peoples'.
‣ You're not that great at teamwork, though you prefer to work around others.

‣ [female] You have a nurturing personality and get hands-on when helping people.
‣ [female] You do better face-to-face with others than behind the scenes.
‣ [female] You can put up with tedious and boring tasks.
‣ [female] You put others first when they need you.

I'm in love with all the things I know I should resist

‣ You keep some peculiar secrets.
‣ You're usually happy with what you have, but if you get bored or something else looks better, you're not disinclined to shake things up.
‣ You don't like to burden others and as soon as you're comfortably on your feet you'll take care of yourself.
‣ You're a bit of a show-off and a clown. You love goofing around.
‣ You're a patriot at heart and love symbols of your homeland.
‣ You're not very grounded.
‣ There aren't a lot of people who are willing to take you on.
‣ Your mood swings are legendary. You can go from quietly affectionate to screaming and furious very rapidly, sometimes with very little reason.
‣ You're not finicky, exactly, but you can be difficult to accomodate because of your odd tastes.
‣ You live very much in the here and now, though you take good care of yourself.
‣ Despite often having a fairly regular schedule, you'll just as easily do something totally different instead.
‣ Your likes and dislikes aren't necessarily mainstream or common.
‣ Your plans can be very cunning and complicated, as you're a quick-witted and intelligent problem-solver.
‣ You avoid extremes, happier to sit in the middle. Maybe you can be indecisive or a fence-sitter.
‣ You have an oddly dainty palate.
‣ You can be surprisingly discrete. Perhaps you can keep other peoples' secrets well or just know when to be tactfully silent.


Full Name: Sabrina

Settled Or Not: Settled (Rainbow Lorikeet)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Red
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