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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: MY CROPS THEY'RE ALL DEAD   Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:26 pm


Full Name: Prius 'Pri' Creeton

Gender: Female

Birth Date: March 22, 1992

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown, with some blonde streaks

Height: 5'6"

About His/Her Family: Pri is an only child. And from the words of Liz, "She moved out as soon as she settled, I guess. She never really liked her parents. She was always kinda rebellious towards them, but a nice person."

-The sound of your voice is one that's hard to forget; been told it has an eerie quality
-Though not great in size, you can sound and look incredibly fierce
-Have a rough, guarded appearance, giving the impression of a solid wall
-Can only function under certain conditions; not very adaptable
-Easiest to find a few hours after sunset
-Like places where you can hide away by day, as you don't become active till later
-Often you produce more work for yourself than you can accommodate, so you learn to concentrate on the ones that're most likely to flourish
-Prefer a simplistic life; only want the necessities
-Cannot be mistaken for anyone else, thanks to your at times spine-chilling voice, dark humor, and reputed bad temper
-Mainly act as a scavenger, using whatever is readily available instead of starting from scratch
-Evaluate things in their entirety; you try to not be biased
-Will completely devour your opponents even after they've surrendered
-Famous for your rowdy get-togethers
-Hole up at home during most of the day
-You will go a considerable distance to acquire what you want
-Stick with what you know works instead of venturing in search of new methods
-Amble slowly with a characteristic gait
-Your gestures that look so threatening can be misleading; your displays are often more from fear and uncertainty than aggression
-Tend to sound fierce, whether it be with a harsh word, downright nastiness or high pitched yelling
-Have trouble thinking on your feet like you used to; do things the easy way now
-Use your forcefulness to subdue others
-Can do a lot of damage for your size
-The more motivated you are, the more dominating you become
-Love to very quietly and discreetly enjoy your guilty pleasures
-You're a great listener; being told your instructions is often most beneficial to you
-Tend to see things in black and white; you don't complicate things by getting into the gray areas
-Won't notice something if it stays the same or is uninteresting, but are astute at noticing changes
-Your emotions are often see-through
-Redirect your nervous energy to something that's harmless (e.g. tapping a foot or playing with your hair)
-Can let others know you mean business just through subtle body language
-Will hurt someone who hurt you first, but do not resort to violence over little squabbles
-Store things in the back of your mind for use later
-Will force someone away from that which you want to yourself, even if it costs you
-Fighting is a common occurrence with you, though often superficial without serious injury - this is your basic mechanism for setting pecking order and letting people know you won't take their crap
-You're not a dangerous individual, whatever the stories; you do not attack people in earnest although you'll defend yourself if attacked first, or feel cornered with no other option open to you; for all your appearance, you are a timid, quiet person that would much rather escape an unpleasant situation than fight; you are very powerful and any harsh remark from you can take a heavy toll on the recipient
-Don't not like your projects to be open for all to see; you keep them private at first
-Not materialistic; you carry with you what really matters; need some personal space
-Every night you have a different routine; not a ritualistic person; if you get things done early enough you take the rest of the day off rather than go the extra mile
-Sometimes wear yourself down too much, when working at a slower pace would've benefited you best
-Have an omni-present quality to you, as if you're always there but never there; inspiring
-Able to succeed against all manner of pressures; a true battler
-Friendly in childhood but have gotten more aggressive as you grow
-Unusual with a fiery reputation
-Able to unsettle your audience
-Curious and energetic
-Scavenge anything that comes your way
-Look slow and awkward in your movements, but are not to be underestimated; you're the top dog
-While you're solitary by nature, you often join up with others out of necessity, and usually don't seem pleased for the company
-Had a rough start in life
-Will make use of anything lying around, you don't care how old or beat-up; a true-blooded scavenger, although some can't appreciate the practicality of it
-Mind sometimes filled to capacity with dozens of ideas and aspirations, but only a select few will ever see the light of day
-May have behaviors that seem odd or scary to people, but what you're doing has a different meaning to you
-Look quite threatening when you "bear your fangs," but in reality this is usually your way of expressing fear and uncertainty, not aggression
-Difficult to be around when you're under stress; people know to back off and give you room; might be offensive at these times
-Use bluff tactics - trying to make yourself look more intimidating than you feel to lessen any fighting; will usually back down when confronted with a possible opponent
-Extremely loud and disturbing at times
-Vicious when competing
-Work in bursts at an impressive pace
-Possess the strongest bite of anyone around, even if people wouldn't expect such ferocity
-Tendency to have a wandering mind if someone doesn't keep you on track
-Want to experience all the possibilities that are open to you, and are not unwilling to seek them out
-No mercy for the weak-willed
-If an idea really isn't taking hold you eagerly ditch it
-Predominately solitary and don't hang out with a group
-Can get more accomplished than anyone would imagine in just thirty minutes, if given the opportunity
-Eliminate all traces of your whereabouts; know how to cover up your tracks
-Eating is a social event for you, and much of the noise attributed to you is a result of this ruckus
-Shy demeanor but voracious appetite
-You are very clean, fond of water, and love to bask in the sun
-Tough little bugger who resembles, in some aspects, a bear personality
-Equipped with powerful tenacity, you are not hesitant to attack those much bigger than yourself
-When excited or mad you may turn red at the face
-Despite your ferocious reputation, you have proven to be easily subdued and humbled, becoming an affectionate and playful companion
-Live alone and prefer your own company - hence you are a chary person
-Piercing eyes
-Like to move around unseen, so frequent places with little to no crowds
-By nature are not aggressive until it comes to something you found or earned; of this you are protective even to the extent of attacking someone that wants your catch
-May appear battle-scarred
-Your voice-raising and fierce looks in part gave rise to your befitting nicknames
-Like to hang out at your mate's place (female devil)
-Were very clingy as a child, always staying near your parents; needed more time to grow before exploring the world
-Inefficient at accomplishing what you need through your own efforts alone, or working from the ground up; you search out a solution rather than making it happen by your own hands
-Not as good at jumping into new situations as you once were, but you're very persistent
-Like to have some buffer room between you and another so you don't accidentally hurt them
-Where others would fumble, you feel assured with confident steps


Full Name: Taz

Settled Or Not: Settled (Tasmanian Devil)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Yellow

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