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 brenna is nice and will post her CDs for her

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PostSubject: brenna is nice and will post her CDs for her   Mon Jul 27, 2009 11:20 pm


Full Name: Leif Savage

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 1, 1992

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dirty blond

Height: 5'10"

About His/Her Family: His parents are Charmaine and Peyton, they're almost always high. And he has a little 6 year old sister named Skye who he takes care of

[Let's see that S M I L E]
How you act around others

-You need constant attention and need people to be there for you.
-You're very caring toward others.
-You like to keep people company, especially when they aren't feeling good or when they're sad.
-You're generally friendly, and were probably quite social and happy as a child.
-You like to please. Some might call you an kiss-up, but it's just that you want to make others happy.
-You don't always listen to what people tell you to do. You've been known to debate instructions to benefit yourself.
-You become depressed without a lot of social time - you're happiest when in a crowd.
-You like to dominate. If you aren't the leader, you still act like it.
-It's best when people are consistent with you. You don't like sudden changes or when people lie to you.
-You are slightly stand-offish and suspicious of strangers.
-You're can be a good person to take care of children, but not if they're too young and too much of a handful.
-You are also a good protector - you don't take anyone's crap and you're loyal to your companions.
-People that act like idiots or are just plain annoying bother you more than most.
-You can be quite the manipulator. You will find ways to make people bend to your desires.

[With a sense of S E L F]
How you are as a person

-You are a very well-rounded person; you enjoy doing and are good at many different things.
-You are pretty much fearless. Nothing scares you too much to hold you back.
-Curious, curious, curious. You're always sticking your nose into everything.
-Small but mighty, that's you. You might be small in stature or standing, but you certainly don't act like it.
-You don't seem to realize you're small - you think of yourself as one of the big guys.
-You act very much like your gender should - males, masculine but not coarse; females, feminine but not too dainty.
-You are very intelligent and learn quickly.
-On top of that, you have a good memory and retain information well.
-You need to be kept interested and involved.
-You are quite the mischievious little devil. You make your own fun, often in ways you really shouldn't.
-You're also pretty stubborn and willful.
-You're territorial to a degree. You're not stingy, but you don't like people you don't know messing with your stuff or your space.
-You have a lot of energy. You always need to be doing something, going somewhere, etc.
-Despite needing contact with others, you're very independent and like doing things by your own means.
-You're self-confident in most aspects.
-You hate feeling trapped or bogged down - basically you don't like it when you're at a standstill.
-That said, you're a purely energetic go-getter. And you can find your way out of a closed door, so to speak.

[Stand up a little S T R A I G H T E R]
Your faults

-You quickly become depressed if you're ignored or simply if people can't always devote their attention to you.
-You might sometimes think yourself above the rules, especially if you don't want to follow them.
-You can be quite domineering - always taking over when it's not your business to do so.
-People annoy you very easily, and you're haughty to people you don't even know.
-You get into trouble easily - often because of your curious, michievious nature.
-You can be argumentative, more so when you can't have your way.

[And I like what I S E E]
You, overall

People know you. You're a big prescence to those around you - you're full of energy, commanding, and in with everyone. You know how to look out for yourself and get the things you want, and you're driven to do everything you possibly can in your life. You might be stubborn and headstrong, but you can be respectful and you're downright caring. It brings you happiness just to please and protect those close to you. You're smart and determined and curious, and you're friendly but aloof. You're like a lightsaber; bright and noticeable, but protective and ready to fight the enemy.


Full Name: Sophie

Settled Or Not: Settled (Schipperke)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown
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brenna is nice and will post her CDs for her
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