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Yay for characters in the future!
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 the title. [jillian]

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PostSubject: the title. [jillian]   Sun Jul 26, 2009 6:21 pm


Full Name: Jillian Sophia Finch

Gender: female

Birth Date: July 26th. 1992

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dirty blond

Height: 5'10"

About His/Her Family: Large family. =D


- People see you as extremely attractive, usually in a cute way
- You are desired for your company, especially in higher social circles; to be your friend is a sign of high status and prestige
- You enjoy heights and high elevations, and prefer to live in mountainous areas
- Impervious to insults and criticism
- Have unusual hygenic habits, and may prefer homeopathic cures and procedures
- Looking good and taking care of your body is very important to you, and you spent a disproportionate amount of time grooming yourself
- You are comfortable in urban, domesticated settings
- Have an unusual taste in music
- Have a talent for leaping over obstacles in life
- Enjoy a wide range of foods but your digestive system can be easily upset
- You have a sweet tooth, but are very prone to weight problems
- Radical or unusual circumstances can throw you off-balance
- Prefer to take a neutral stance in conflicts, and have a talent for weighing both sides of an argument
- Live with a large family and have close ties with many people
- Can absorb difficulties without suffering trauma
- [physical] May have a delicate physique, and possibly weak bones
- Skittish
- Dislike casual physical contact; or, severely dislike people nosing into your life
- Enjoy putting on a show and love to pose and be in the spotlight
- Can memorize and recite information or routines very easily, and take pleasure in doing simple tasks
- You hate excessively hot weather and are prone to overheating and possibly heatstroke; you love and thrive in the cold
- Need a wide area to roam and can be extremely defensive against intruders in your space
- Very competitive
- Indiscriminate about romantic partners; this can sometimes lead to unforeseen repurcussions
- Dislike rainy weather and swimming
- Are not very philosophical; you are more concerned with the necessary or social aspects of life than the contemplation of higher matters
- You love uncontroversial and "pulp" entertainment
- You are very vocal and are known for your unique voice/vocal patterns
- When threatened you attack with a swift barrage of crude insults; you are more likely to insult someone than engage in a debate
- Can be slightly compulsive
- Prefer to explore things by talking about them
- Quick to avoid confrontations; adept at getting out of trouble
- Work best at dusk and dawn, and can be a night owl
- Monogamous
- Have been mature and independent from a very young age
- Find good manners and etiquette to be very important

- [female] Authoritative in a group setting and can be hostile towards other females; conflicts do not usually escalate into physical violence, however


Full Name: Oliver
Settled Or Not: Settled (chinchilla)
Gender: male
Eye Color: Black
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the title. [jillian]
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