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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Rene F******* Haswell

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PostSubject: Rene F******* Haswell   Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:29 pm


Full Name: Rene Haswell

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 4, 1986

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dark brown

Height: 6' 0"

About His/Her Family: Rene family didn't want him, so they threw him out. He's been living on the streets ever since. HIS NEW FAMILY: Sister named Lumi, Brother-in-law named Quinn, four nephews, and two nieces.


Full Name: Lilybell

Settled Or Not: Settled (Ughdarras)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Gold

- Rene hates people, so avoids group settings.
- Introverted
- Conservative
- He just solves his problems through rash thinking and makes crazy decisions
- Leader
- Careless
- Apathetic
- Particular affinities: None
- Rene works best whenever
- People see Rene as a wild and creepy clio
- Pessimistic
- Rene has no friends
- Rene is always a little twitching and paranoid, alone or near someone
- Hierarchical
- Very aggressive
- Talkative/Quiet: Neither, just loud
- Territorial
- Stubborn
- Independent
- Rene is a little coocoo. Other clio's in the gully can never figure him out, but he has some kind of mental illness.
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Rene F******* Haswell
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