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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Guess who I'm related to :3

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PostSubject: Guess who I'm related to :3   Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:09 pm


Full Name: Seeley Luna Paler

Gender: Female

Birth Date: December 1st, whatever years makes her 18.

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'9

About His/Her Family: Seeley was conceived when her biological mama was raped as a teenager. However, her mom chose to put her up for adoption and her adoptive parents raised her lovingly. Seeley is cognizant of the circumstances surrounding her conception.


Full Name: Tiberius

Settled Or Not: Settled (sugar glider)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Black

-You can live in different locations, as long as there is some resemblance to “home”
- You have adapted to living in your habitat, and like it that way
-You have a “cuddly” personality; very open with others
-You do have a streak of something in you; whether wildness or other
-You have a dramatic personage
-You may have a rather dramatic outlook on life, or opposing outlooks in different situations
-What may seem like a small personality can turn out to be much bigger than anyone expected
-Male glider dæmons have a bit more presence
-You may be considered a “lightweight” or not as physically commanding as peers
-You may feel a kinship with other people with marsupial dæmons
-You matured slowly and with a lot of nurturing
-Parents were slow to let go; you were slow to leave
-You care very deeply about family and go out of your way to spend time with them
-You are very social
-A big people-person.
-Prefer working at night
-When you are active and awake, you are ACTIVE
-You are very diverse in your tastes, and may or may not like sampling other food.
-You have a sweet tooth and are not secretive about it
-You sometimes feel like you could fly; may take on bigger risks than ready for
-My personal opinion is that gliding is like a controlled fall; so you may be very good at turning a problem around or letting what-will-be-will-be and letting the problem find a solution for itself
-You do spend some time day-dreaming, but not too much
-You are quite capable of surprising people
-You are agile; either mentally or physically
-Your “controlled fall” can reap unexpected benefits
-You can do amazing things with your hands that others cannot, such as origami or fixing a clogged sink
-Are very creative/ good with your hands
-You are very conscious about your looks
-May be a very finicky person; like things to be clean and orderly
-Are repetitive in actions
-You are constantly picking up information and in motion
-Can notice the smallest details around you that others may miss
-Can look at the “big picture”, sometimes better than your peers
-Very vocal, might be a singer?
-You are vocal and make your displeasure known when someone disturbs “your space” or your belongings
-You may identify people in a way that is unorthodox
-Are quick to pick up individual smells; may notice a scent change when you walk into another person’s house that you associate with that person/family
-You greet people physically by shaking hands, hugs, etc.
-Male sugar gliders may get protective or fight when otherwise you wouldn’t over a love
-Feel a need for dominance
-If you were socialized a lot when younger, chances you are quite gregarious now
- Enjoy daily social interaction
-Matured rather young; roughly the same person you were as a child
-Male dæmons matured faster than females
-You crave attention from people you are comfortable with
-May not like to be near people if you’ve not adjusted to them
-Can be lethargic if it is not a time of day you enjoy
-You may startle easily and lash out
-You seldom hurt someone hard enough that they remember it
-Not an aggressor, you would prefer to avoid confrontation if possible
-In a “fight or flight” situation, you would probably choose flight. ((HAHAHA – flying animal, flight, get it? Jess, you’re such a dork))
-You may not require much, but what you do need is important to you and may be difficult to obtain
-You may see yourself as low-maintenance, but others may not
-You prefer in a group situation than solo
-You feel very uncomfortable if left alone for long periods of time; may have had some trouble staying home alone as a child
-You become very agitated if left to your alone devices without anyone you can socialize with
-You may live away from family, but may return for extended stays in some circumstances
-You may have felt relief to be away from family, but will still want to socialize with people you are comfortable with
-Chances are you went to college with people you knew from home and stuck together
-You may be reaching perfection in temperament and appearance
-Peers admire you for various qualities
-You have endurance both physically and mentally
-You are very rarely sick
-Very territorial
-You are protective of family and friends; those you believe to be “in your circle”
-I dunno, just thought this was interesting
-I guess you could be considered rather graceful
-You may have two sides to you, one of which may not be shown very much
-This “other side” becomes exposed in flight, that is, when your under pressure and making your “controlled fall”
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Guess who I'm related to :3
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