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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: MEGHAN'S CHARACTER :D   Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:53 am


Full Name: Eliana Sophia Kercher

Gender: Female

Birth Date: November 21, 2007 (So she's about 18 or 19 in Ailema years)

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'6"

About His/Her Family: Eliana has two parents that she doesn't really talk to much. Has a younger brother named Eli.

You are bigger than your family, either in size or presence, and differ from them in the little details that construct you as a person. You place your relationships as very important, and are a good family and friend person. Some people may see you as a nuisance, but that’s so unfair; you were here all along, and you never intentionally bother or harm anyone. You don’t have many enemies, either. All that’s really important to you is your social connections and getting on with your life.

Personality and Habits
- You’re a very vocal person, noisier than your family. You like to communicate verbally. However, your voice and words aren’t harsh, but relatively soft/gentle.
- (male daemons) There’s something in your presence that hits people immediately, making you easy to distinguish and remember. Perhaps a certain personality quirk or something in your appearance.
- When you’re angry or distressed, it comes out verbally, in a different kind of voice/words from your usual
- (male daemons) You like to get a good idea of your strength and capabilities and may test them out before understanding your full use of them; it’s all part of the learning process.
- You can have short bursts of energy and speed, but it’s tricky for you to maintain them.
- Family, family, family! This cannot be stressed enough, can it? Whether it’s your real family or that pack of friends you’ve adopted; you stay close to them and communicate well.


- You’d make a good parent; you’re caring and loving, even when your children may have matured and become independent.
- You’re not prone to jealousy in friendships or sibling relationships; you don’t mind sharing. (male daemons) However, you can become competitive when it comes to romance.
- (male daemons) You’re not afraid to fight to get what you want or who you want.
- When someone has you as a friend or relative, they have you forever; your friendship and love, when earned, last a long time. You don’t flight around, but stick faithfully with your companions.
- You’re a social person; not a social butterfly, but not a solitary one. When you have the right group, you’re happy and you’ll stick with them.

Work Ethic

- You often search around before selecting/jumping into something.
- You’re pretty damn tough, actually; you can keep your chin up and keep going even when things get harsh and others may fall behind.
- You’re naturally quite strong.
- If someone plonks you out of your element you can sometimes be a bit stiff or clumsy. But that’s their fault, right?

A lot of people don’t see you as unique or special and gloss over you, but they’re making a mistake! You differ from their ideas in both your appearance and personality. You’re admirable in the way that you devote yourself to relationships – you never use or manipulate people, but stick to them as a loyal companion. Your soft, frequent communication is a reassuring presence to your loved ones, and your natural strength makes you quite a good worker. You’re not boring at all, but caring and tough.


Full Name: Bentley

Settled Or Not: Settled (Western Grey Kangaroo)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown
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