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Yay for characters in the future!
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PostSubject: OH NO HE'S HOT!   Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:46 pm


Full Name: Rhint Patrick Greening

Gender: Male

Birth Date: June 17

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Dirty blond

Height: 5'10"

About His/Her Family: He has a twin sister, Katsa, and a little brother named Ian. His parents are really strict and he hates them. He wants to get away from them as soon as he can.

Cactus Wren

You aren’t one to be missed, even when in a crowd. You are conspicuous and stand out in your size, whether that be physically or in your presence; you’ve got a demanding personality, unlike your family. Despite your relatives tendency to be shyer than you, you aren’t meek or timid at all. You hold your own special place in people’s minds, and they aren’t likely to forget you.


You are likely to be quite different from your family. You’re most likely a late sleeper. When you’re awake though, you are typically quite noisy. Although some people may be quite taken with you or curious, you can be weary and skittish of others at time, sometimes making it hard for people to approach you. However, you most definitely aren’t the shy type.
You’re a territorial person; there’s likely to be only one selected person (romantically) who’s allowed in your personal space, and you defend your privacy and space diligently. You aren’t afraid of large threats; if they mess with you, they’ll get a smack on the nose, no matter HOW sharp their teeth. Razz

You take an interest and liking for things that other people typically deem as harsh or weird. This, however, is half the reason why you take such an interest. You’re a tough little critter, which can often surprise people. You’re happy to take it easy at times, but if you need to, you can deal admirably in harsh circumstances where others would fail.
If you sense threats in your way, you like to create “false trails” so that people think they’ve got you, when really, they’re nowhere close. You’re not messed with easily. It’s hard for people to get to you, because you’ve got such a good defence system.

Work Ethic

You’re a practical and sensible worker. When you want something you work methodically, exploring all options and routes until something works for you. If there’s a special person in your life, you’re quite happy to work with them and together, you’re likely to make a good team.

If someone gets in your way, they’re likely to get a good beating for it. When you’re angry or upset you become even noisier than usual.


You’re a relatively solitary person, with the exception of a partner. You’re a monogamous person. You’ll also make quite a good parent.

People just don’t forget you easily; you’re not what anybody expects you to be, and you’re just so starkly different from your family, it’s weird! Although you aren’t likely to be graceful or magnificent, you’re quirky and unique ways stick in people’s minds and earn you your own special place.


You’re an energetic and active person with a healthy sense of curiosity. Despite your noisy ways you prove to be an efficient worker, protective of your “stuff” and methodical in your ways. You’re a faithful partner and a good parent. You surprise people all the time with your toughness and lack of shyness, which they just didn’t see coming. Sure, you’re no prize winner in grace or delicacy, but you’re special in your own unique way and that sets you apart from others.


Full Name: Karina

Settled Or Not: Settled (Cactus Wren)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Brown
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