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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Keiran Rheis Bradley

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PostSubject: Keiran Rheis Bradley   Fri Apr 17, 2009 7:36 pm


Full Name: Keiran Rheis Bradley

Gender: Male

Birth Date: May 6th, 2010

Eye Color: Light greenish-blue

Hair Color: Dark red

Height: 5' 11'

About His/Her Family: His mother, Alecis is the Overloridian of Cuir. His father, Roburt is a Dian. He has an Uncle Edwurd, who's Roburt's brother. An Uncle Lorrik and and Aunt Evangeline who's Alecis' siblings. A twin sister who doesn't look too much like him named Lily, and a younger sister named Sophia.

- Gets along well in group settings. Very laid back and friendly
- Extroverted
- Outgoing
- He can twist around his problems and has no trouble maneuvering to get somewhere quick
- Leader/follower: Can be both
- Fastidious
- Passionate
- Particular affinities: No
- Works best whenever
- Clio say he has an elegant look about him
- Optimistic
- Has many friends
- Acts the same whenever
- Not hierarchical
- Passive aggressive
- Usually quiet, unless he's excited or upset
- Not territorial
- Stubborn
- Dependent
- Tend to be a little accident prone


Full Name: Dafne

Settled Or Not: Settled in Cuir (as Whippet)

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Dark brown almost black


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Keiran Rheis Bradley
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