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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Claire Raina Eligius

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PostSubject: Claire Raina Eligius   Fri Apr 17, 2009 5:02 pm


Full Name: Claire Raina Eligius

Gender: Female

Birth Date: February 10th, 2009

Eye Color: Blue-gray.

Hair Color: Red.

Height: 5’5

His/Her Family: Her mom is Ria and her dad is Rowan and she has four
siblings: Chloe, Gage, Addisyn and Dayton. She has some mean old
grandparents and an aunt named Willow.

- Not affected by things that bother most others

- Make use of what others don't

- Not only are you sly, but it could be said you HAVE to be

- Able to blend into the background when needed; often hard to spot

- Sneaky; people will not know what you don't want them to find out

- Apathetic in the best possible way; can completely ignore the
most furious or cold-hearted verbal attacks - take it without
flinching; indifferent to what's around you if it's harmful or just not
beneficial; stay stable in hectic situations

- Don't falter or stumble when working on something

- Perceived as more intimidating than you feel

- Don't let circumstances dampen your mood; don't easily get emotional

- Survive even when surrounded by unforgiving people and a harsh environment; overcome all odds

- Family-oriented

- Like the thrill of taking risks

- Have a small group of close friends
- Have a startling appearance. You don't look how people would assume you would.

- Seek out and enjoy attention

- Respond better to stress than others

- Look rather juvenile

- 'Cute'

- Good at reading people

- Show no fear, but in a naive way. However, you understand things better when unafraid.


Full Name: Noname (Loki)

Settled Or Not: Settled (arctic fox)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Gold
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Claire Raina Eligius
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