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Yay for characters in the future!
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 Dawn Casey Scones

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PostSubject: Dawn Casey Scones   Sun Jun 21, 2009 9:53 pm

Full Name: Dawn Casey Scones

Gender: Female

Birth Date: January 2, whatever year would make her 40.

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5'5"

About His/Her Family: She has a husband and one son who she dotes on. She'd do anything for him.

- No wonder why most feline, raptor, and reptile souls don't get
along well with you. Your hyperactivity and
eager-to-please-no-matter-what attitude makes you annoying as hell to interact with, let alone try to have a decent conversation with.

-Your clinginess can become unbearably suffocating

-The bad part is, you're so clingy that when someone breaks up with
you, you'll chase after them to the ends of the earth and go to extreme
lengths to get what you want.

- Unless someone/something holds you back, you will dig yourself a
grave and rot there, and serve you right for not knowing better.

-You're easy to manipulate by people you like (who may not necessarily like you back) because you're so EAGER TO PLEASE.

- And in this way people tend to take advantage of you. But
really... you kind of bring it onto yourself *see above about chasing*
-You're naive and immature for your age* and only respond to things that have been repeated again... and again... and AGAIN.

-You're subject to a lot of personal insecurities. And here again,
you want attention from people to help you get through them or you feel
like you'll suffer to no end.
- You're so naive you assume everyone is your BFF when you first meet them. No. Just no.

- It's all show, no substance. You might say you're doing a, b, and c, but really, you're doing nothing. Fake to the core.

- You might think yourself high and mighty because of who your
parents were, or where you came from or what you do in your spare time.

- You might get special treatment because people think you're "cute" and this spoils you to hell and back.

- Attention whore, attention whore.

- You're good for someone who wants to be worshiped and fawned over
all the time, 24/7 and not for people who want to retain a sense of
- You talk excessively, with little substance to your conversation

- You need attention, or you whine, whine, whine and angst, angst, ANGST.

- Given too much attention, your ego will inflate and you'll think you're on top of the world.

- You're smart, in school, perhaps, but not socially, seeing as you
feel the need to cling to everyone who can call themselves your friend.

- if "love the one you're with" is your motto, maybe you should
find a new boyfriend. but it needs to be made VERY CLEAR that he
doesn't want you anymore because you don't take subtlety.


Full Name: Jesse

Settled Or Not: settled (cavalier king charles spaniel)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Bright Pink
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Dawn Casey Scones
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